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555 RECORDINGS - "55 Bands" CD COMP
To celebrate the 55th full length release on 555 they have an outstanding 55 band compilation! But wait, there's more! You get a free sticker and sexy 1" badge! Some established favourites and some dazzling new finds from the ever eclectic 555 include exclusive tracks from Bit Shifter, Cannonball Jane, Pisstank, Saucer, Bright Lights, David from Figurine, Stick Insect (aka Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers), Robert Scott (from the Bats and The Clean), Kid606, Aislers Set, Boyracer, Printed Circuit and many Australian bands like Huon, Cannanes, Ashtray Boy, Minimum Chips, New Waver, Seaworthy, Lucksmiths, New Waver, Hydroplane, Other People's Children, Fog and Ocean, Origami and A Few Bears in a Hut in the Woods Somewhere (feat. members of the Lucksmiths, Huon, Boyracer, Gene Defcon, Sarah Dougher Band and the Aislers Set) + more surprises! 555CD55 $22

555 RECORDINGS - "Knowing We Was Right From Da Start" CD COMP
Compiles some (not all by any means) tracks from the first 20 (now sold out) vinyl 7 inches and first 10 full length releases and a great introduction to this fabulous label once based in Leeds, and now coming at ya from Philadelphia. Included in the fun are Hood, The Aislers Set, Kid606, Steward, Huon, Remote Viewer, Long Weekend, Empress, Famous Boyfriend, Beachbuggy and heaps more. This compilation highlights the diversity and importance of 555 as a true underground label, established 6 years ago and continuing, with each new release, to create an audience, not just cater for one. 555CD27 $12

555 / RED SQUARE RECORDS - "Empress Pop Weekend" CD COMP
Quality compilation to celebrate the 555 and Red Square festival in May 2002 at the Empress Hotel, Melbourne, Australia. Cant make it down under to join in? Don't you worry, as we have copies of the excellent CD. New and exclusive tracks from The Lucksmiths, Huon, Boyracer, Origami, Other People's Children, Jen Turrell, Guy + Mia (sleepy township), Minimum Chips, Bend Over Boyfriend, Julian Teakle (the frustrations), Driving Past, Steward, Fog and Ocean, New Waver, Long Weekend and Even As We Speak. What a stellar lineup! 555CD24 $18

Multi-talented Amy Linton (Aislers Set, Henrys Dress, Go Sailor), teams up with long time transatlantic lover Stewart (aka Steward, ex-Boyracer, 555 chief), for a 4 song mod-punk adrenaline rush. Recorded in Amy's San Francisco basement and in Stewart's home in Leeds, the songs are a fine example of the pop sensibilities and friendship shared by the two. A joint release with Slumberland, this UK 555 edition has a different coloured sleeve. 55524 $8

Everyone knows girls are better than boys at just about everything right? And popmusic isn't any different. Girls rule. So, in celebration of their USA tour with Kanda, Boyracer provide a teaser of the forthcoming full length with 6 exclusive feedback drenched covers of some of their favourite girl groups, Dolly Mixture (with Sydney's Earth to Nigel helping out), Sophie Ellis-Bextor, The Shangri-Las, The Primitives and Strawberry Switchblade. Japanese pop duo Kanda give 6 more synthpop versions of an eclectic array of artists including covers of faves Phil Spector, Ramones, The Temptations, Wham! and Bad Company. Limited to 500 copies, so once its gone, its gone. 555CD57 $22

BOYRACER - "To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Yr Grip" CD
After 2001's reformation and chaotic US tour, Boyracer return with a dazzling new disc, the first new recordings 5 years! Fans from their Sarah records and Slumberland records days will not be disappointed and newer fans, this is the perfect place for an introduction. The most consistent and rewarding Boyracer release to date. 22 fast and frantic high octane powerpop nuggetts, crammed into a breakneck 35 minutes. 555CD40 $20 [traffic sounds recommended]

BOYRACER - "Bsides and Besides" CD
Very exclusive cd thats for mailorder only! Definitely one for the Boyracer fans, this collection of assorted b-sides and rarities includes many early unreleased treats, like the much requested "Partic Walker", and aborted 2nd Fluff single. Punk rock spray painted sleeve, and limited to 500 copies worldwide! 555CD45 $22

BRIGHT LIGHTS - "Bright Lights" CD
Proudly raised on a diet of trucker speed and cheap booze, Philadelphia's very own Bright Lights deliver the goods with their absolutely essential debut release. Guitarist/vocalist Frank, when not busy destroying his own live set, has been a regular favourite in the recent Boyracer live action unit. The music of the Bright Lights may be described as the Beach Boys on speed playing Psychocandy. Fans of Boyracer, and the late Henrys Dress and all manner of melodic fuzzed up power-punk-pop will certainly not want to miss out on these 15 tracks. 555CD47 $20

This 4 track EP sees the Cannanes move into more dancier territory with help from Explosion Robinson (ex-Sukpatch/Slabco etc) and Steward. A personal tribute (of sorts) to Orange Juice. Features a stunning cover of Al Greens L-O-V-E, complete with trademark beautiful vocal from Fran and trademark ambitious vocal from Steward. Perfect summer time listening. 555CD32 $15

THE CANNANES - "Miserable / William" 7"
After 15 years in the thick of the international pop underground our shamble pop heroes return with a 7". Previous releases on K Records, Ajax Records and YoYo have gained respect and assured the Cannanes get a name check in the indie book of whos-who. High on melody with trademark vocal performance from Frances Gibson the songs are an absolute delight, as always. 55523 $8

CEX - "Starship Galactica" CD
6 track ep of brand new tunes and more hip-hop than previous releases (on Tigerbeat6, and 555), but packed with humour and style as ever. At only 19, with gold teeth and pencil moustache, (true!), Cex is the key to your electronic fantasies, or so he'd like you to think. 555CD28 $12

FAMOUS BOYFRIEND - "A Compilation of Both Full Length Releases" CD
Contains both Making Love All Night Wrong, previously released on 555 and The Famous Boyfriend, previously released on Orgasm Records (France). This serves as a timely reminder of their genius and untapped potential as a band. The cd compiles their 2 full length releases, initially released in pitifully small pressings, and much sought after amongst indiepoppers worldwide. The music of the Famous Boyfriend is a curious hybrid of Autectre meets the Field Mice. Definitely pop, but also firmly on a homemade electronica tip. Heartfelt vocals and heartfelt beats. 555CD29 $12

FIGURINE - "The Discard" CDEP
4 tracks plus 52 sound sources. Figurine create electronic pop music perfectly poised at the transition between milleniums. Hints of 80s synth pop merge with current experimental electronics, coaxed into a sweet pop structure. girl/boy vocals sing of love and loss in an increasingly digital world. The result is something both fresh and familiar, a soundtrack to a future where both love and technology are of primary concern. For this release, Figurine contacted their favourite electronic musicians and asked them to donate soundfiles from their hard drives, and then constructed new songs over these discarded samples. The EP also includes the sounds as they were donated so you can create your own Figurine remix disc. 555CD46 $14

FOG AND OCEAN - "Fog and Ocean" CD
Debut full length release from this international pop supergroup with members from three different continents! It was an opportune moment that brought together members of the Cat's Miaow, Huon, Boyracer/Steward, Sleepy Township, Hydroplane, Rabbit in Red and Architecture in Helsinki in the same place and the same time to record this album. Jump back to early 80's with analogue synths and 808 beats and sweet girl vocals. Highly melodic, retro and refreshing. 555CD41 $22

HUON - "Tragedy" 7"
Melbourne's shamble art popsters Huon consist of a core David Nichols (Cannanes, Crabstick), Andrew Withycombe (Hydroplane, Cat's Miaow) and Mia Schoen (Sleepy Township, Long Weekend). Their endearing loose knit style has won fans worldwide. This time out they delight and scare with their disco record. Boy / girl vocals comparable to a (funnier) Pastels, with interesting 'found' sounds and loose rhythms. Comes in a very sparkly opaque vinyl. 55526 $8

KYOKO - "Co-incidental Music" CD
Quiet, laid back well constructed pop from the former Beatnik Filmstars crew. Clever laidback pop with very sparse instrumentation that brings to mind Lambchop and Low. The CD follows on from the previous release on Mobstar "one:mini" which received much critical acclaim.11 tracks ideal for late night listening. 555CD22 $14

LONG WEEKEND - "All Roads Lead to Roam" CD
Debut full length from Melbourne based trio that features Mia Schoen (Sleepy Township/Huon/Driving Past) amongst others/. Over a year in the making, this full length is a slight departure from the bands previous 7" outings. Long weekend combine melodic grrl pop structure with discordant / shambling sensibilities, and coupled with a bigger recording budget than previous efforts, deliver a rewarding and confident debut. 555CD38 $20

LOVELETTER BAND - "Even The Pretty Girls Take Medicine" CD
14 tracks, split release with Red Square Records. Grand Junction CO's Loveletter Band mature at an alarming rate with this, their worthy and weighty follow up to the acclaimed Pretty Girl, Ugly Town. The songs are well orchestrated pop, making full use of marimba's, glockenspiel, overdriven drums and even a musical saw! The LLB has been compared to the poppier moments of the Microphones. Chris Adolf also appears on the new Mirah CD (Advisory Committee on K Records). 555CD48 $20

LUNCHBOX - "Summer's Over" CDEP
7 track "mini-lp" (30 mins), popular underground purist pop from Oakland, California's finest. Fantastically swirly, mod and beat-y, with girl/boy vocals and tunes a plenty. It also features an optigon on track 2! What more do you want? A taster for their new full length on magic marker records. 555CD33 $12

5 tracks plus secret bonus tracks! After inspired releases on Irritant, Catmobile and Elefant records Leeds' very own Printed Circuit, at last record a release for 555. Tip-top electronica that sees Claire Broadley continuing her happy marriage between Kraftwekian old skool sensibilies, with computer generated stutters and pulses, with childlike awe and innocence. This new release reveals PC's intent and potential for THE perfect pop moment, (complete of course with vocoder singalong choruses). Classy artwork/packaging by David Figurine. 555CD49 $14

SAUCER - "Saucer" CD
West Yorkshire-based mysterious minimal sparse trio, that bring to mind the work of Galaxie 500, Scenic, and the Velvets. The band contains ex-members of the Wedding Present, and the pedigree of musicianship ensures a level of well constructed pop songs. This debut release, 2 years in the making, contains 7 long songs spanning 40+ minutes. 555CD25 $12

STEWARD - "Horselaugh On My Ex" CD
3rd "proper" full length from Leeds' electro-buzz-confused-mod-one-man-mess, Stewart Anderson (Boyracer). Featuring various contributions from some of Steward's very talented friends (Hood, Electroscope, Even As We Speak, The Cannanes). A curious hybrid of hardstep d'n'b, fuzzpop and 80's electro-synth pop. Think Aphex Twin with an acoustic guitar as described in a recent review, 20 tracks for your money. 555CD20 $14


DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - "The Photo Album" CD
Rather lovely 3rd full length from this Bellingham, Washington outfit - a 10-song letter of emotional and powerful yet gentle pop. The Photo Album picks up where We Have the Facts and the Forbidden Love EP left off (both found on the oz release of Facts), focusing on fluttering images of past loves, hopes and dreams of childhood and the present. This could easily be the soundtrack to one's most nostalgic super 8-mm home movies. The Australian release comes with bonus tracks from the Stability EP, with 3 songs that display the band's beautifully languid side, including their cover of Björk's "All Is Full of Love" and the 13-minute title track epic. ARC004 $25

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - "We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes +3" CD
Australian version of this simply outstanding album from an amazingly talented band. Astute and insightful lyrics presents a wonderful narrative that weaves you into the story, and holds on to you for dear life. Add to that, subtle melodies, restrained passion and a dreamlike quality to this northwestern indie rock, and you've got yourself a winner. this australian release also comes with three bonus tracks, originally from the forbidden love ep. ARC002 $25 [traffic sounds recommended]

Cool new album from the D-Plan, which follows up from their critically hailed Emergency and I. A lot more laidback and subtle, but still offers the unique jittery post punk-funk-experimental pop-melodic hardcore-arty indierock sound the band is known to craft. Change is elegant, rich and expressive and a definite boon to locals with this Australian version, which also offers 3 bonus tracks, including a cover of Jennifer Paige's Crush (cheekily retitled The Dismemberment Plan Get Rich) and a previously unreleased song. ARC008 $25 [listen]

IDES OF SPACE - "We have Nowhere to Be" CDEP
The follow-up ep to their debut release, these 5 tracks sees Sydney's Ides of Space expand the lush, spacious production and cascading structures of layered guitars, intuitive drums and delicate keyboards over murmured vocals. Produced by Sydney legend, Wayne Connolly, its atmospheric guitar pop full with understated lyrics and soaring harmonies. great for fans of yo la tengo, my bloody valentine, and her space holiday. ARC003 $15

KNIEVEL - "No One's Going to Understand In My Way" CD
At a time when bands are content to sit back and repackage and re-release old material, Sydney pop stalwarts Knievel have decided that they might do that as well. The result is a collection of unreleased tracks, rarities and willfully obscure b-sides from the 4 piece that spans their 8 year career and 3 albums. Sorting through their archives has turned up some unexpected delights. Wayne found an old Jonathan Richman tape he thought he had lost and Tracy found an old Guitar Player magazine with advice on forming a band. Lovely pop rock ditties that go from mellow to rock so effortlessly. ARC009 $25

THINKTANK - "Open Letter" CDSG
Adelaide 4 piece Thinktank have spent the last five years refining their craft and constantly touring Australia and now they're releasing a brand new 3 track single. Open Letter is taken from their forthcoming debut album and includes bonus tracks "Measurable Things" and a full-blown version of "The Apologist", complimenting their previously released acoustic version of the song. ARC007 $7

Adelaide emo boys making very passionate and heartfelt music. A co-release with Strategy Records, these are 5 tracks are full of passionate melodies and sing along vocal hooks. From the opening bars of the title track it's evident that these boys are more than comfortable combining their indie roots with pop sensibility. Great for fans of Jimmy Eat World, Promise Ring, Get up Kids and kids with cardigans and/or horn rimmed glasses. ARC001 $15


THE IDITAROD - "The Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel" CD
From the first song, one feels a strong affinity for The Iditarod's stark, darkly beautiful home-fi fairytales. Hailing from Rhode Island, the duo embodies a uniquely New England mood, mixing reservation with unquenchable enthusiasm; scholarly-ness without pretension. This album was recorded with Jesse Poe (Six Organs of Admittance) and some at home, the result of which is as adventurous as their previous recordings, with an added crystalline clarity as fragile as a dream. Fans of bands as diverse as Cat Power, Movietone and Fairport Convention will be enraptured. INRI065 $24

LOW - "One More Reason To Forget" CD
Live CD recorded Nov, 1997. This full length album captures the bliss and grandeur that is Low. 7 tracks including an epic 17 minute version of 'Do You Know How To Waltz'. Recorded in the Church of St Phillip, Louisville, thic album captures the magic of Low's slow rhythms, simple melodies and heartbreaking harmonies. The acoustics of the church add to the gorgeous, sparse sound and the recording is first rate. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide. INRI040 $24


PENCIL TIN - "A Gentle Hand to Guide You Along" CD
A great Aussie indiepop classic from Bart Cummings, Robert Cooper and Bianca Lew, featuring the trademark jangly pop ditties that would later also be heard in releases from the Cat's Miaow and Bart and Robert's solo outings. BUS1010 $20


ANDREW WILSON - "Amateurism 1980-87" CD
A retrospective compilation of recordings by Andrew Wilson with his bands The Four Gods (originally released on the Able Label), The Frontier Scouts (originally released on Au-go-go), and Andrew Wilson and Associates. Features musical contributions from Grant MacLennan and Lindy Morrison from the Go-Betweens, David and Robert McComb from the Triffids and other moonlighting stars. Liner notes by Robert Forster. Rediscover a neglected hero of Australian music. CHAP28 $22

THE CANNANES - "Living the Dream" CD
The Cannanes 8th or 9th (who's counting?) album in their 15+ year history finds them back on an Australian label for the first time since 1989. Again, a wonderfully warm, melodic and funny album, underpinned this time by a newfound fidelity and technical assurance. The Cannanes are a national treasure. CHAP31 $22

CHAPTER MUSIC - "Double Figures" CD COMP
Chapter's favourite bits and pieces over its glittering ten year history, from the early cassette hits by Molasses, Bluetile Lounge and O!, to new and previously unreleased recordings from Tren Brothers, Smiley, Cannanes, Sea Scouts, Minimum Chips, Sleepy Township, and others. Twenty-four wonderful songs, plus a Quicktime video for Jeremy Dower's track "Windy Ponies", and wonderfully personal liner notes! CHAP44 $22 [traffic sounds recommended] [listen] [listen]

A long awaited collection of 20 songs detailing Australia's post-punk history from 1978 - 1982 featuring the likes of The Moodists, Ash Wednesday, Voight 465, The Particles and the Apartments. Also features comprehensive liner notes from David Nichols (Huon, ex-Cannanes). CHAP37 $22

CLARE MOORE - "The Third Woman" CD
Clare Moore is the drummer for the Dave Graney Band, and a founding member of the Moodists. This is her first solo album. She plays all instruments except a small amount of guitar, and has a unique style only barely comparable to 80's Serge Gainsbourg, John Barry, or a cityslicker Bobby Gentry. CHAP35 $22

DRIVING PAST - "Real Estate" CD
The debut full length album from Melbourne's spiky and romantic 4piece. Driving Past include three members of the Huon project (David Nichols, Mia Schoen and Andrew Withycombe), whose recent international success stands this album in good stead. But the incredible songwriting and melodic innovation from DP songwriter Gig Ryan needs no extra assistance to make Real Estate a real wonder of an album. CHAP27 $22

DRIVING PAST - "Church Fete" 7"
Another congregation of great egos and personalities, this time featuring David Nichols from Huon on drums, Andrew Withycombe of the the Cat's Miaow on bass, Mia Schoen from Sleepy Township on keyboards and guitar, and Gig Ryan, who played in an old Sydney band called Disband, writing the songs and playing guitar. Gig is a fantastic lyricist with a unique and idiosyncratic vocal style, and Driving Past are a really excellent band. CHAP21 $9

ESSENDON AIRPORT - "Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial" CD
As featured on Chapter Music's recent post-punk compilation Can't Stop It!, Essendon Airport were a minimalist Melbourne two piece in the late 70's, playing guitar, keyboards and electronics. They released a wonderful 7" EP in 1979 called Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial, and in 1980 a 7" single with vocalist Anne Cessna, before expanding to a four and then a five-piece lineup in the early 80's. This CD compiles their landmark duo recordings, including the two 7"s, a track from the New Music 1978-79 compilation, and six previously unreleased tracks. CHAP43 $22

JEREMY DOWER - "Music For Retirement Villages, Circa 2050" CD
The first new recording from Melbourne's Jeremy Dower since his much loved debut, Sentimental Dance Music For Couples (Plug Research). Jeremy has been making music for the last 5 years or so, and gradually moved away from a beats-based, dancefloor style towards his current rich, layered and personal sound. He says of himself: faux jazz, kitsch - I like to see beauty in junk. I like to think of my music as a music of contrasts and contradictions, clapped out technology, contemporary concepts in music, machine made, hand crafted (drDX100 and the PC folk ensemble), easy listening, intense, emotionally engaging, minimalism and sentimental charm. CHAP39 $19

KARL SMITH - "The Sky" 7"
Karl Smith, one half of brilliant folkpop duo Sodastream, offers his first and only solo release. Here he plays gorgeous folky songs with acoustic guitar, piano, cello and double bass. He has a beautiful husky voice and his music brings to mind the likes of Nick Drake, the Bats and maybe even a touch of Will Oldham. CHAP19 $9

LETRASET - "Snowy Room" CD
Letraset is a new electronic project for Julian Patterson and Nicole Thibault, who also play together in Melbourne's Minimum Chips. They have used battered keyboards, ancient drum machines and a stolen trombone to create a warm and luxurious album inspired by the sounds of Lali Puna, Monade, and Cluster, amongst others. CHAP40 $22


MINIMUM CHIPS - "Portfolio" CD
The first ever full length Minimum Chips release is an essential collection of early singles, compilation tracks and unreleased material, all (home) recorded from 1994-1998 in Brisbane, Queensland. Min Chips are an extraordinary band, standing at the crossroads of post-punk, free jazz and french pop. Good for fans of Stereolab and April March. CHAP41 $22

Melbourne's 2 best bands on one single. 2 mesmerising, incendiary, dynamic songs from Ninetynine about board games. One incredible, fiery, galvanic performance from The Vivian Girls, their debut appearance on record. Comes in a beautifully presented glued sleeve. CHAP29 $9

Two of Melbourne's brightest new hopes on the one single. Origami feature US ex-pat Rhonda Simmonds, once of Ninetynine, Spitboy, Full Boney etc. They play sinuously exotic/hypnotic pop with twin female vocals. Light's Surprising Constancy are a largely instrumental combo practising a minimalist, angular style, full of warmth and melody but also a little moodiness. Comes in lovely handmade artwork! CHAP32 $9

PANEL OF JUDGES - "Panel of Judges" 7"
Melbourne 4piece featuring members of Crabstick, the Golden Lifestyle Band, Sleepy Township and Molasses. An amazing combination of influences as diverse as Pere Ubu, the Kinks, Lee Hazlewood and the Beach Boys. The catchiest drone-rock songs you're ever likely to hear. CHAP26 $9

Long-awaited debut album from the Sleepies. Sixteen songs of rough-edged, heartfelt pop music - charismatic, chaotic and very lovable. Wonderful full-colour cover art features a painting by Mia Sleepy. CHAP24 $22

Three irresistibly catchy pop songs played with huge amounts of energy and passion. The beautiful lino-print card sleeve designed by Mia Sleepy matches the peculiarly Australian sound of Melbourne's favourite three chord wonders. CHAP18 $9

Chapter's house band Sleepy Township pairs up with Japanese beat-pop magicians Smiley (who normally call Clover and Darla records home) for a wonderful pop-cultural exchange. This is Chapter's first foray into international musical liaisons, and a very enjoyable one at that. CHAP30 $9

STEWARD - "Australian Tour" 7"
4 songs by Stewart Anderson (of Boyracer, Empress, 555 Records). 2 songs recorded by Stewart at home in 1999, 2 songs recorded with Pat Maley at YoYo studios in Olympia, Washington, late 2000. Features Jen Turrell of Rabbit In Red and Matty Green of Boyracer. A split release with Blackbean and Placenta. CHAP33 $9

TRACEY READ - "Everything Is Real" CD
This is the first record since her debut 7" on Chapter almost 4 years ago for Perth-based Tracey. It is made up of eight tracks of beautiful gentle music, played very sparsely on acoustic guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. She has a real flair for simple and affecting songwriting, and also has a beautiful voice, warm and human and full of feeling. Recorded in Melbourne with Mia & Guy of Sleepy Township (who also played on the 1998 single), plus Andrew & Matt of Perth band the Tucker B's. Tracey's unpretentious and emotional songs are immediately memorable, bringing to mind American pop chanteusses Mirah and April March. CHAP38 $18

TRACEY READ - "Buster Keaton" 7"
A resident of Perth, Western Australia, Tracey Read plays simple and sparse songs with incredible amounts of insight, humour and optimism. Maybe you might hear echoes of early Tracey Thorn/Marine Girls in her songs, which in this case are played with Guy and Mia Sleepy as her backing band. CHAP20 $9

TREN BROTHERS - "Swing" 7"
Mick Turner and Jim White of beloved Australian post-rockers Dirty Three recorded this exclusive single at VPRO radio in Amsterdam, with Jessica Billey on violin. 2 parts of the same beautiful improvised song, filled with gentle hypnotic loops of harmonica, violin, guitar, and Jim White's incredible impressionistic drumming. CHAP34 $9

WAGONS - "Trying To Get Home" CD
Melbourne band Wagons are a young alt-country outfit of incredible talent, range and ability. Henry Wagons' deep, deep voice and outstanding songwriting resonate through their debut album, recalling Johnny Cash in his prime, with a mean streak a mile wide, but also capable of great sentiment. Fans of Smog and other bluesy-country should dig this. CHAP42 $22


Astrobrite is one Scott Cortez. Having previously recorded under the successful guise Lovesliescrushing, Astrobrite takes the same sonic-extreme ideas & applies them to more reverbed and distorted guitars performing genius pop songs. After 6 years of home recordings, "Crush" culls the best tracks from over the years, polished & re-recorded, resulting in an end product of refined gorgeous noisepop sheen. 12 tracks of 4-track sonic bliss that hearken back to the heyday of the early 90's dreampop scene and retaining all the beauty and charm after all these years. FERN012 $24

CLAIRECORDS - "Atlantic Flowers" CD COMP
A "concept compilation" of sorts, this represents 3 record labels centered around the Atlantic Ocean, Clairecords (USA), Alison Records (Germany) and Midsummer Madness (Brazil). While the songs run the gamut from dreampop to acoustic pop to noisepop to bossanova pop (and then some!), there is still an amazing sense of cohesion among the exclusive tracks. The bands featured come from around the globe: Germany (Malory, Planet 9), Brazil (Cassino, Pelvs, Stellar), USA (Aerial Love Feed, Stella Luna, Isobella, Con Dolore), UK (Monster Movie, The Gilbertos), Australia (Gentlyfall) and Estonia (Pia Fraus). Yet there is that unmistakable unity among them... they all speak the language of wonderful pop music. FERN025 $24

CLAIRECORDS - "Solutions and Remedies" CD COMP
All exclusive tracks from bands all over the world including Polar, Mahogany, Lenola, Flowchart, Auburn Lull, Technicolor, Labioxina, Swoon, The Amethyst Room, from the premier American shoegaze label. FERN002 $24

CON DOLORE - "This Sad Movie" CD
Con Dolore, a Latin musical term for "with grief", began in 1998 as a studio project between Kristy Moss & Ed Ballinger, formerly in the band Polar. Like Polar, Con Dolore mixes heavily effected guitars with melancholy lyrics & slow tempos. Using movie music as an underlying concept in the production process, "This Sad Movie" captures the moments in one's life, both joyful and sad, to create the soundtrack we all live by. The album uses sampled drums, layered synths and guitars to create a warm, yet sometimes abrasive sound. FERN024 $24

Recently re-mastered and re-released, it's an album that marks the end of the shoegazing heyday of the early 90s, and the blossoming of a brilliant band. 8 tracks of sheer sonic bliss; grinding, assaultive, woozy guitars meets with very frenetic drumming and combined with almost breathless vocals. FERN014 $24

ISOBELLA - "A 24 Syllable Haiku" CD
Isobella, an isomorphic trio with an abundance of equipment and an affection for drum-sequencing laptops have continued to transcend in musical affinity with this, their second album. Enthralling guitars and analog keys lay the foundations for these shy Floridians, perpetually growing beyond the ambiguous label of "shoegaze". The songwriting on Haiku shows a richly matured band. Laura's vocals are dead-gorgeous and shine through the mix perfectly. Additional guitar work on 12-string adds even more dimension to their huge walls of guitar sound. FERN021 $24

ISOBELLA - "Akasha" CD
Co-release with Spacestation 121, this is an astonishing debut from this dreampop band from Tampa, Florida. Meandering in and out a wall of sound which fluctuates through a spectrum of post-shoegaze dreampop, this trio have sprouted from the influence of Pale Saints, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. FERN016 $24

MAHOGANY - "What Will Become The Key of Reason?" CD
This was previously released on Blackbean & Placenta on vinyl only. However, the recordings have been re-mastered into a dizzyingly gorgeous quality. The artwork on this release is something which is a must-see - stunning beauty for all the senses! Massed quitar, cello and electronic elements combine to make a beautiful, lush album. FERN008 $24

MONSTER MOVIE - "Last Night Something Happened" CD
The debut album from Monster Movie has hatched and is ready to walk around a bit. Written, performed & produced by Christian Savill & Sean Hewson, the album shows a move away from the layered guitars and strong vocals of their self-titled EP to a more sombre, subdued & warm sound. Here the vocals are more often layered to create a ghostly, disembodied effect. The instrumentation is more varied here as well, with cheap keyboards and acoustic guitars mixing with radios, feedback & broken effects pedals to create a warm hum. Monster Movie are known to be collectively fond of Grandaddy, Air, Yo La Tengo & the Super Furry Animals. Their individual tastes are not considered 'sexy' enough to be listed. FERN026 $24

MONSTER MOVIE - "Monster Movie" CDEP
Featuring the members of Slowdive and Sarah Records' Eternal, MM offer a shining accomplishment of impossibly catchy guitarpop, with hints of shoegaze (chugging fuzz bass and swirling, effects-laden guitar work), dronepop with layers of effects, keyboard drones, guitar feedback.) Monster Movie's songcrafting will make these tunes a permanent fixture in your memory bank. FERN020 $20

POLAR - "A Future History Of The Frigid Polar Night" CD
This is Polar's grand studio effort, which was toiled over everyday for 2 weeks for hours at a time in the studio, and how the results show it. This album includes horns and strings and expands on their Mojave 3, Mortal Coil and David Lynch influences. FERN006 $24


APRICOT RECORDS - "Airpop Terminal 2" 2CD COMP
A double cd compilation from Germany's Apricot Records and distributed by Consonant here in Oz. 2 tracks each (some rare) from 14 new and great indiepop bands spanning the globe, including the wonderful Birdie, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Norman Bates, fabo Swedish pop band the Shermans, and Australia's very own The Jordans. APRICD015 $25

THE JORDANS - "The Hallelujah Mine" CD
An album of refined, reflective music that demands patience enough to allow a weaving of their subtle, melodic driven pop from Melbourne. Following Adam Dennis' (Captain Cocoa, the Steinbecks) earlier solo effort Katydid, this album represents a two-year collaboration between A.D. and Shane Hill, with Chris Roberts (drums) and Nigel Robertson (bass) tacked on along the way. Fans of mellow acoustic pop and Lloyd Cole could do well to pick this up. CONS01 $22

THE JORDANS - "Katydid" CD
The Jordans in this incarnation was essentially a solo effort, and what an effort it was too! Adam Dennis (that's A.D. to you and me) did everything on this album - played, sang, recorded, produced, even designed the artwork and its testament to his talent that this album sounds so well done. His guitar-pop style is simple, but classic and effective, recalling the work of British songwriters like Edwyn Collins and Lloyd Cole, although with a more even tone throughout (his arrangements and vocals could never be described as "punchy" or "angular"). SONORAMA3 $20


ANTHONY ROCHESTER - "Music for Listening and Relaxation" CD
13 of some of the most refreshing and catchy electro-pop tunes you'll hear that side of the Tasman! A resident of Hobart, Anthony Rochester played just about everything on this record, including the trombone, violin, juno 106 and hammond organ! It's a breezy and groovy album, perfect for fans of Stereolab, Arling & Cameron, 800 Cherries and Remington Super 60 PUPPY13 $22

5 songs of the most innocent pop kind, with charming melodies, breakbeats, ambient elements and blissy female vocals from Japan, and also features a remix from Three Berry Icecream. PUPPY14 $17

A terrific split EP from these two fantastic jangly pop bands, that resulted after touring together in the US. The Fairways are from San Francisco and feature members of Skypark, Aislers Set and Month of Sundays, whilst 3Bi hail from Japan, and has been making great girly, bossa nova pop for over a decade. Each band provides two songs each – one original and one cover of a song by the other band. PUPPY12 $17

5 excellent new songs from Marc Bianchi. Sparse, quiet guitars, some keyboards, and introspective boy vocals resulting in slow-to-mid-tempo dreamy, quiet numbers. Includes a killer cover of the Pixies' classic "Gigantic"! Although this ep wavers in mood and composition, it manages to maintain the signature her space holiday sound, and its definitely recommended for fans of Spacemen 3, American Analog Set, and Elliott Smith. PUPPY8 $17

MINMAE - "Lucy In The Sky With DNA Helixes" CDEP
This EP opens up with an excursion into instrumental rock meanderings, getting pretty arty. When that track's finished, you're slammed into a full-on indierock noise assault like a heavy, shoegazing version of Pavement with up-front lyrics, and over in under 2 minutes. Whoa! And so continues this journey, lapsing from noiserock to indierock and back again. Sean Brooks, the man behind [minmae] is a force to be reckoned with his direct songwriting and ethereal pop which can be as engaging as it is atmospheric. PUPPY11 $17


BOBSY - "The End of April" 7"
Minimalist twee-pop from Singapore. Xylophone, gentle acoustic guitar jangle & bittersweet harmonies & melodies. For early-Blueboy/Hushpad fans. DRIVE031 $9

BUDDHA ON THE MOON - "Stratospheric" CD
Hazy, guitar-driven dream-pop from one of our faves! Includes a duet with Katie (Holiday Flyer) and 2 tracks with Rick (of Dart) and a Northern Picture Library cover. DRIVE012 $16

CLOCK STRIKES THIRTEEN - "Ever Decreasing Circles" CD
Debut album fully realises the band's multi-dimensional sound present through their wistful pop songs. Lovely atmospheric jangle-grooviness. DRIVE038 $20

CLOCK STRIKES THIRTEEN - "When We Were Together" 7"
A co-release with the Liquefaction Empire (UK). It'll put Grand Rapids one step closer to Motown. DRIVE37 $9

Velvety guitar-driven space pop with co-ed vocals. 5 tracks of indie-drone meets scintillating pop inspired by Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine and Galaxie 500. DRIVE019 $15

Stratospheric noise-pop symphonies & hypnotic balladry. Shimmering organ-kissed melodies with ethereal female and male vocals. 3 new songs with 3 remixes by hk from Buddha on the moon and Andrew from Hydroplane. DRIVE036 $15

HYDROPLANE - "Hope Against Hope" CD
A truly beautiful album. Eerie pop music that washes over you in waves of reverb drenched atmospherics. Like the soundtrack to a David Lynch film, 'Hope against Hope' delivers music of simplistic beauty that conjures up a sense of mystery to imply something a little more sinister below the surface. Features members of great Melbourne pop bands Cats Miaow and Huon. DRIVE033 $20

THE LUCKSMITHS - "Happy Secret" CD
A collection of songs recorded in 1998 that consists of tracks that have appeared on vinyl, compilation CD and previously unreleased. 10 songs in all and it sounds like it was meant to be an album all along. DRIVE035 $20

SUPER FALLING STAR - "Searchlight" 7"
Melbourne band with gorgeous female vocals that are reminiscent of Magnetic Fields or Confetti. Atmospheric, kinda folky music. Beautiful stuff! DRIVE015 $9

TRINITONE - "Trying to Think" 7"
Think of the Boo Radleys at their pop best and you'll have an idea what the a-side sounds like. The b-side is slower, smoother and twangier. DRIVE030 $9

Lo-fi pop with loads of hooks and melodies. A-side is reminiscent of Bee Thousand GBV, b-side is like New Order in GBV's basement. DRIVE034 $9


B'EHL - "Bright Eyes" CD
12 songs of sophisticated and glorious pop dripping with lush female vocals and melodies. Lyrically, themes of distance and fragility reoccur with scattered prairie imagery giving the album a sense of place. NDR17 $24

Lush. Dark. Christine's spooky songwriting and haunting vocals with cello, viola, guitar and piano. Features spoken word by John K. Samson and guest vocals by Greg Macpherson. NDR16 $24

DESTROYER - "The Temple" 7"
2 songs from yet another brilliant Vancouver band. Exclaim called their 12" the best canadian release in years and name-dropped Sid Barrett and Robyn Hitchcock. others are reminded of john k samson's acoustic stuff, mayo thompson, hefner, etc. the 7" is a bit rockier with nice piano flourishes courtesy of jason zumpano. NDR014 $9 [download]

NEW WAVER - "The Defeated" CD
The Defeated is a wonderful mix of ambient, electronic and anthemic instrumtental pieces structured around samples from the depressed, the downtrodden, and the afflicted. Taken from call in radio, medical tapes and other sources, the album from this Australian outfit is definitely a most interesting and moving album. NDR15 $24

PLUMTREE - "This Day Won't Last At All" CD
The latest from these Halifax superstars. Melds the upbeat pop of past albums with diverse and well crafted melodic indie rock. Easily their best record to date. NDR18 $24

PORTER HALL - "Ten Month Soundtrack" CD
Fine punk/indie rock/emo release for fans of Knapsack, Painted Thin etc. Difficult to ignore the band's explosive yet intricate guitars, intense drum beats and post-hardcore vocals. They make being lovesick sound so good. NDR20 $24

THE SALTEENS - "Short Term Memories" CD
Infectious bright and sparkly pop with layers of harmonies and catchy goodness. From Vancouver, The Salteens kick out the pop tunes and create melodies which will cascade in your head for days. The perfect album to brighten your day. NDR19 $18 [traffic sounds recommends]

VANCOUVER NIGHTS - "Vancouver Nights" CD
Vancouver Nights play coy piano-driven indie pop. Formed by ex-Kreviss singer Sara Lapsley, VN encompasses a revolving band of musicians such as Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers), Sean from Flash Bastard, and Steve of Capozzi Park. Described as both the Zombies meets Joni Mitchell and Aislers Set meets Zumpano (or B'ehl meets Destroyer), the band's debut album is sweet and infectious. NDR21 $24


POUNDSIGN - "Underneath the Marquee" CD
The newest album from these San Francisco popsters. Inspired by Sarah Records and East Coast pop, as well the d.i.y aesthetic of West Coast punk, #poundsign# have made their name with their own brand of synth and guitar pop, remniscent of New Order, Belle and Sebastian, and the Smiths. The album features 11 new songs, produced and recorded live by the band, along with Wyatt Cusick (Track Star, the Aislers Set). You'll hear piano, organ, sitar, bells, even the sound of rushing wate...a wonderful layer of sounds from these multi-instrumentalists. The outcome is a live-sounding, improvised, warm, and well-crafted record that shows a return to the guitar-driven songwriting which characterised most of their early releases. FANTASTIC016 $24[listen]


A split release between two great pop bands from each side of the Pacific. In the red corner we have Sydney's Even As We Speak, featuring the sweet vocals of Mary Wyer and great gems written by Matt Love. In the blue corner sits San Francisco's In A Day, featuring the ever prolific Laura Watling (Autocollants, Cartwheel, Casino Ashtray). Two songs by each group, and it's all sunny and glorious. Just like summer is meant to be. GIFTED001 $10

Simpatico is Melbourne's Jason Sweeney (Prettyboy Crossover, Sweet William, Other People's Children) who has been busy working under numerous guises, recording and releasing music since the early 90's. Expect to hear songs driven by the need for electronic rhythms, melodic keyboard sounds and vocals, travelling basslines and often jangly guitar. From London, and forming the other half of this split single are The Pines, featuring Pam Berry (she of many projects incl. Black Tambourine, Glo Worm, Castaway Stones) and Joe Brooker. Their simple acoustic guitar and airy vocals have drawn comparisons to artists ranging from such as Marine Girls and the Softies. 2 lovely tracks each, and covers of each other's songs. GIFTED002 $10

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