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SEA LIFE PARK - "Nil By Mouth" 7"
The single that started it all for Sydney four piece Sea Life Park features the original version of the title track (still my favourite SLP song). Warm, gentle and incredibly melodic - this is pretty music for a relaxing Sunday arvo. HP002-7 $9

UKIYO-E - "Bloodshot" 7"
Sydney darlings Ukiyo-E features Steve Foster - an indie- and post-rock producer who's worked with 2 Litre Dolby and Gerling, and members of Newcastle's Purplene, amongst others. This wonderfully warm outfit takes its musical lessons from the best of America's postrock crew the likes of Tortoise and The Sea and Cake. The results are melodies which glisten right through the speakers and a rose-hued glow that's full of spirit. HP004-7 $9


BIRDDOG - "A Sweet and Bitter Fancy" CD
Birddog is a 3-man project out of Kentucky via Portland via Chicago. In other words they have moved a bit, but now lead man Bill Santen has made Lexington his home and sonically, the band would fall somewhere between Elliott Smith and Smog. This second album from Birddog offers 12 tracks full with melancholy countrified pop, with guest appearances by Elliott Smith and Edith Frost. HHBTM026 $22

BLACK SWAN NETWORK - "Grains and Sauces" CD
June 2000 edition of the HHBTM singles club, issued with a divine black and white felt sleeve. 6 tracks from this Olivia Tremor Control "side project" means a whole lot of very listenable psych pop nonsense. This, alongside with all the HHBTM Singles Club 7"s are in a very limited quantity. HHBTM021 $9

CALVIN DON'T JUMP! - "Rusty Gondola" 7"
July 2000 edition of the very limited singles club! Nice Elephant 6 flavoured pop stuff. Featuring Scott Spillane of Neutral Milk Hotel. Hand-numbered sleeve boasts an original linoleum-cut print. 2 tracks of psychpop delight. HHBTM022 $9

CARROTS - "Sunshine" CD
Beach Boys, Byrds & Beatles influence this Spanish pop group. Not forgetting their psychedelic pop trademark, Carrots build a detailed and coloured sound that echoes of bands like Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, The Pets or Supergrass, mixed with shadows of masters like Beach Boys, Kevin Ayers or Beatles but passing every influence through their own glitter-coloured filter. The fourteen songs of Sunshine easily flow from its freshness and its colour variety, with instant pop moments, communicative psychedelia or dance incursions. HHBTM045 $22

ELEKIBASS - "California" CD
The long awaited international release from Japan's hottest new band. This US version contains 3 bonus tracks, a cover of Of Montreal's "Springtime is the Season", and the Great Lakes "A Little Touched", plus a new song "Mellow Yellow". 16 songs in all. The perfect bubblegum 60's retro pop record for fans of the aforementioned bands. HHBTM036 $22

Nick and Larry of Florida-band Plastic Mastery give two songs each on this split single. You might be familiar with some of their previous work on Hey It's My Birthday cassette comp, HHBTM vol 2, Contact volume 3, and It's Made Out of Clay compilation. Fans of Of Montreal and Olivia Tremor Control will dig this. HHBTM020 $9

GREAT LAKES - "Tugboat Sailor" 7"
4 great psychdelic pop songs from Denver's Great Lakes, released before their lively debut album on Kindercore. The sleeve on this single was designed by Dan Donahue of the band, and printed 11x17 inches, so it becomes a fun poster sleeve! Fans of Apples in Stereo and Beach Boys will surely enjoy. HHBTM010 $9

THE GWENS - "Devil's Cliff" CD
The debut cd by New Jersey 4 piece the Gwens. Having singles on many labels such as HHBTM, Kindercore, and Dear Dairy, and loads of compilations, they finally got it together and did a full length. A 19 track epic in fact, full of delightful Beach Boys-esque harmonies. HHBTM032 $22

The Gwens are somewhat Elephant 6 related but touch more upon the upbeat guitar pop of the Athens, GA variety. Breezy Porticos do up a similar brand of quirky-lyrics-branded guitar pop similar to the Masters of the Hemispheres. The bands offer two lovely tracks each. HHBTM019 $9

Excellent compilation and a great introduction to some of America's newest and finest pysch/pop bands in the underground. 25 tracks from artists that include The Late B.P Helium (ex-Elf Power), Princeton Reverbs Colonial, Calvin Don't Jump, Scott Spillane (Neutral Milk Hotel, Elephant 6), Boyish Charms, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Dear Nora, Wee Turtles, Fablefactory, Plastic Mastery, Echo Orbiter, My Place in Space, Unbunny, Boys' Star Library, Red Pony Clock, Breezy Porticos, Gwens and so much more! HHBTM017 $22

This compilation cd marks the fourth birthday of the Bee's Knees zine and the first release from Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. Available with issue #12 of the wonderful zine, the cd features excellent rare and exclusive tracks from some of the finest proprietors of psych pop and then some including Elf Power, Kingsauce, Masters of the Hemisphere, the Minders, Of Montreal, Great Lakes, Kiss Offs and Marshmallow Coast. The zine is a great read with interviews with Kingsauce, Olivia Tremor Control, Of Montreal, Dressy Bessy and a stack of reviews. Great value! HHBTM001 $18 [traffic sounds recommended]

KINGSAUCE - "Please Don't Change the Channel" CD
14 track debut by Rich Chodes of Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra is more novelty than a serious record, but if you love the Raspberries, Monkees, or Banana Splits, then this might just be for you. Super fun catchy melodic psychedelic pop, what more could you want to put a smile on your dial? HHTBM 036 $22

THE LATE B.P. HELIUM - "Weeping Soul" 7"
A solo outing for Brian Poole (ex-Elf Power) provides the August 2000 edition of the excellent HHBTM Singles Club. Featuring two tracks of summer psych pop and rather nice (and nice smelling) handmade cardboard sleeves. Limited edition. HHBTM023 $9

MARSHMALLOW COAST - "Bizarre Classical" 7"
The second of the HHBTM Singles Club efforts, this record features 2 exploratory pieces from Andy Gonzalez (of Music Tapes and Of Montreal fame), prior to the release of his sophomore record on Kindercore, also available on Traffic Sounds. The sleeve of this single was handstamped and each one has a different crayon drawing on the front. HHBTM003 $9

MINI KYUTE - "Sanctuary" 7"
4 song EP 7" from a cute Japanese duo named Mini Kyute, think Pizzicato Five meets April March. Released on an offshoot to Happy Happy Birthday to Me, and only 500 pressed. JOYSTICK01 $9

PLASTIC MASTERY - "Hearts Are Revolution" 7"
January 2000's addition to the HHBTM Singles Club, this 3 song single offers 3 great songs in the great tradition of Elephant 6-type pop from these fine fine folks out of Tallahassee, Florida. Breakneck speed folk pop on the A side (yeh!) and something altogether more melancholic on the flipside. This limited 7" comes in lovingly handcrafted cardboard cut-n-paste covers. HHBTM008 $9

RED PONY CLOCK - "Singing in the Shower" 7"
The debut single by San Diego's 8 piece Red Pony Clock will have you waiting on the edge of your seat for the full length. 3 new songs, and the sleeve is a deluxe handmade by Gabe and the band. The sleeve is actual foam with red pony and all and the vinyl is see-thru red this time around. The music is creatively themed, part of the wider design of the band to tell/sing the story of the Red Pony Clock (the inspiration of the band's formation), and sounds like Of Montreal in a bar fight with They Might Be Giants. HHBTM038 $9

This 3 song EP from these lo-fi popsters was meant to come out on the Elephant Six imprint years ago, but it just never surfaced until now. 3 exclusive tracks, think the Jam meets the Kinks from a band led by singer/guitarist Chris Parfitt, a former member of the Apples in Stereo and current member of Kingsauce. Get this one while you can, looking hot in a special die-cut sleeve. HHBTM034 $9

Another outgrowth of the ever-expanding Elephant 6 recording collective, New Hampshire-based lo-fi popsters Vince Mole and His Calcium Orchestra is led by singer/guitarist Chris Parfitt, a former member of the Apples in Stereo. This single is the 4th in the wonderful HHBTM Singles Club series, and this one offers 3 fine, and exclusive tracks packaged in handmade construction-paper sleeves. HHBTM007 $9


ALL GIRL SUMMER FUN BAND - "All Girl Summer Fun Band" CD
The All Girl Summer Fun Band make a joyful sound! Kim, Ari, Kathy and Jen (also of the lovely Softies) have come together forming a powerful pop majesty. Dream girl mod action recorded at the Dub Narcotic studio, it's the ultimate in groovalicious guitar wonder-chimes. There are elements of girl group, punk and Britpop; long distance boyfriends, oversized mobile phones and cars that donít start. Confectionary Grrr Grrr Grrr. KLP130 $24

The first of many posthumous solo albums from Calvin Johnson, culled from the extensive archive of tapes by the prolific songmaker & founder of K Records. There are patches that are worn & threadbare but the overall effect is gutty & moist, and joined by K divas Mirah & Beth Ditto (the Gossip). Calvin Johnson is also known for his work with Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System & Halo Benders, having performed worldwide in basements, theatres, art galleries, nightclubs, city parks, coffee shops, hotel lobbies and ice cream stands; his songs recorded by the likes of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Luna, Seaweed, Lois Maffeo and Yo La Tengo. KLP117 $24

CHICKS ON SPEED - "The Re-Releases of The Un-releases" CD
A remix collage of Chicks on Speed tracks by Viennese Ramon Bauer (Mego) and Gerhard Potuznik (Cheap, Mego, Breakin, IT). Cut-up, distorted, funny and consequent. It features the more experimental and avant garde-noise side of the chicks and also contains live recordings, chicks interviews, and a lot of rare historic chicks material like the very first chicks recordings ever made. The CD contains 33 Tracks with a playing time of almost 72 minutes. Believe the hype! KLP120 $22

THE GOSSIP - "The Gossip" CD
Harken back, if you will, to those salad days of yore, when the Sonics and the Wailers rocked the Earth, emerging from moldy NW garages toting an excruciatingly raw & stripped down rock n roll sound and dirty blues. Punk rock is of the essence, and the resourceful, attitude-laden vision of Heavens to Betsy, Bratmobile and Bikini Kill are lurking nearby. This 4 track ep is powered by some hefty female vocals and accompanied by the perfectly lo-fi arrangement of simple skeletal drums and raw tube-amp colored guitar. IPU96 $14

HEAVENLY - "Heavenly vs. Satan" CD
Issued in England and Japan via the storied Sarah Records in 1990 but out of print worldwide since 1993, Heavenly vs. Satan represents the crucial passing of the torch from Talulah Gosh to Heavenly and in later years to Marine Research. Eleven years later, it still sounds every bit as fresh and visionary as it did in 1990. In addition to the entire album, this official re-issue features six bonus tracks: the out of print singles, plus liner notes by Lois Maffeo and a brand new cover. Heavenly vs. Satan is a crucial entry in the annals of indie music. KLP129 $24

HEAVENLY - "Operation Heavenly" CD
The fifth album from Oxford Englandís premier popsters who have been busy finding the cure for love, loneliness and whatever else might cause you pain. Is it punk? Is it pop? Does it matter? The songs are fast, dirty, and infectious. KLP59 $24

HEAVENLY - "The Decline and Fall of Heavenly" CD
Eight Heavenly songs, literally! Lovely French-inspired pop, vocal harmonies sugary and spicy in all the right ways. Ear candy of the tallest order. KLP33 $24

HEAVENLY - "Le Jardin de Heavenly" CD
This unabashedly pop combo from Oxford, England mix up another batch of the delightful and delicious pop that they made their name on. KLP13 $24

JASON ANDERSON / WOLF COLONEL "Something / Everything!" CD
Jason Anderson is Wolf Colonel, dedicated to noisy pop rockin' & granulated sugar hookery. Previous albums were recorded in weeks, if not days, capturing concise snapshots of Jason's vision that ranged from over-the-top power pop to stripped down acoustic introspection. But this is certainly the most ambitious, smooth, torn apart & tagged together. A variety of producers including Phil Elvrum (the Microphones), Calvin Johnson, Adam Forkner (Yume Bitsu) helped combine varied studio textures with home 4 track recordings to come up with a fabulous pop record. The album's title is, in part, a smiling reference to Todd Rundgren's opus, Something/Anything! and, like Rundgren, Anderson has created an ode to pop music of great depths. KLP132 $24

LITTLE WINGS - "Wonderue" CD
Wonderue is the culmination of several years' work by Kyle Field under the Little Wings moniker. This album is the 3rd in his 'Wonder' trilogy, the first 2 volumes in the series being Wonder City (Knw-Yr-Own) and Worlds of Wonder (Walking). Recorded mainly with Phil Elvrum (Microphones), this collection of songs & sketches are the ultimate expression of Kyle's discoveries in the years of moving around the US. Alternate use of stripped down guitar, spare percussion and piano augment the high lonesome sound of the assembled band, invoking a truly striking intimacy. KLP134 $24

MARINE RESEARCH - "Sounds From The Gulf Stream" CD
4/5 of Heavenly and Talulah Gosh comprise the revelation that is Marine Research, a brilliant new perspective in modern pop music. Sounds From The Gulf Stream is a much more languid, complex, mature approach than anything Heavenly or Talulah Gosh ever produced - rich in texture, layered with French pop rhythms, chiming guitars, soaring harmonies, and trippy sounds meshed through it all. Marine Research have succeeded in threading a warmly oscillating tapestry of an album, music of immense crystal-clear purity, emulating the image of a lush underwater garden in a tidepool that shimmers with color, texture and mystery. KLP100 $24

MICROPHONES - "Song Islands" CD
The Microphones are the vision of a singular individual, Phil Elvrum, who has prolifically crafted noisy pop sounds over the last 5 years. Song Islands compiles all the Microphones singles, previously available only in limited quantities. Assisting Phil on this collection are Mirah, Khaela Maricich (the Blow), Calvin Johnson, Jenn Kliese & Kyle Field (Little Wings). This collection traces the development of the Microphones from the first Microphones album Tests (Elsinor) through 2001's epic The Glow Pt. 2 & the recent songs from the International Pop Underground series as a taster of what the next Microphones album, Mt. Eerie (due 01/2003) will sound like. KLP125 $24

MICROPHONES - "The Glow, Pt. 2" CD
While "Lo-Fi" as a sub-genre has quietly dissipated into the great tape hiss of the aether, the Microphones continue to boldly expand and expound upon the possibilities of analog recording, both at home AND in a studio. The Glow Pt. 2, the fifth album from the prolific band, is a sprawling 67-minute masterwork. Humble and delicate pop songs bump up against heroic yearnings and in-the-red rockers, bookmarked between instrumental interludes. The Glow Pt. 2 transcends psyche-pop and lo-fi tags to blossom as the most actualized and daring album of the Microphones' young career. KLP133 $24

MICROPHONES - "It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water" CD
Intricately orchestrated and utterly thematic, Microphones' music is an all-encompassing aural excursion. Nylon stringed acoustic guitar strummings, organs, frantic drums, hushed vocal harmonies, accordion, tape loops, ambient nature sounds, xylophone, feedback blastsÖall are appropriate ingredients for the Microphones musical stew. It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water culminates a progression of unabated pop experimentalism into an ecstatically creative apex. Absolutely stunning and damn psychedelic, so fans of Elephant 6 and The Shins would no doubt enjoy. KLP116 $24

MICROPHONES - "Don't Wake Me Up" CD
Welcome to the half-awake world of The Microphones, where heavy-lidded experimental pop peeks through a dreamy fog in full analog stereo. The Microphones is the moniker for Phil Elvrum (D+, Old Time Relijun), a psychedelic one-man project with a sound too big to be merely solo. A hodge-podge of tape-loop trickery, stereo panning, super fuzz bass, radio signals, acoustic pluckings, clamouring drums, tympani, xylophone, organ, distortion piano, string section keyboard, pure noise and warm bliss pop are the makings for one fine album. KLP99 $24

MIRAH - "Cold Cold Water" CDEP
Culled from the forthcoming Mirah album Advisory Committee, "Cold, Cold Water" is the magnificently orchestrated epic that includes chorus, strings, timpani and all, produced with the help of Phil Elvrum (Microphones). There are several non-album songs added, recorded starkly with just acoustic guitar and Mirah's enchanting voice, including a stripped-down version of "Cold, Cold Water". There are also bonus bits and pieces of the orchestration of the title track. Cover painting by Khaela Marricich (Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano). IPU100 $16

MIRAH - "You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This" CD
The debut full-length release by Mirah is a stunning portrait of songwriting maturity. Mirah possesses a set of silken pipes that strike your attention immediately; remarkably polished, yet sparkling with radiance and genuine purity. Using acoustic and electric guitars, these 16 songs are augmented by the alternate use of ukelele, distorted bass, drums, drum programs, vintage organs, and violins. Stylistically vacillating between 50ís jazz vocal and modern organic folk/pop/rock songwriting, Mirahís music is a multi-textured, sonically intoxicating experience. KLP112 $24

K RECORDS cont'd...

MODEST MOUSE - "Sad Sappy Sucker" CD
Recorded in November 1994, Sad Sappy Sucker is the lost Modest Mouse album, originally intended to be the band's debut full-length. The 24 songs that comprise Sad Sappy Sucker mark the earliest recordings of Modest Mouse as a band, evolving from founder Isaac Brock's four-track solo project. Due to unforeseen delays, Sad Sappy Sucker was shelved in favor of This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About (Up Records). In addition to the 12 songs recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio by Calvin Johnson, Sad Sappy Sucker includes 9 previously unreleased bonus tracks from the same era. Essential! But you knew that, of course. KLP131 $24

MODEST MOUSE - "The Fruit That Ate Itself" CDEP
Here's a nine-song continuation of wild-romp weird pop. Recorded at Dub Narcotic by Calvin Johnson, after their previous two releases This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About and Interstate 8 but before their breakout album The Lonesome Crowded West on Up Records. This one is heavy on the echo and there's even some hip-hop lurking in the air...call it the studio's influence? Wear headphones for optimum effect!!! KLP63 $18

OLD TIME RELIJUN - "Witchcraft Rebellion" CD
Modern American primitive deconstructionists Old Time Relijun return from the grave, toting their third full length album Witchcraft Rebellion, by far their best and most varied body of work to date. Expounding upon their frantic fusion of raw roots rock, latter 60's ecstatic jazz and aggressive punk mutations, Witchcraft Rebellion is a frenetic splatter of sound without peer. KLP128 $24

THE RONDELLES - "Shined Nickels and Loose Change" CD
Shined Nickels and Loose Change, the third album by Washington, DC's The Rondelles, is a pocketful of freshly minted tunes and assorted coins culled from various transactions. Six brand new songs are augmented by their two 7" singles on K and are joined by "The Fox" and Madonna's "Like A Prayer", and a cover of The Shimmy Beckers' "Cafeteria Rock". The Rondelles have managed to appropriate 50's malt shop rock n' roll, early 80's CBGB-scene punk, and modern trashy riot grrl with such strategic ease you'd assume the band invented all of these sub-genres themselves. This band kicks some serious arse! KLP127 $24 [traffic sounds recommended] [listen]

TALULAH GOSH - "Backwash" CD
Today, Talulah Gosh are more famous (infamous?) than they were when they existed was back in '86-'87. Accused of being too cute, much like their counterparts Beat Happening, Talulah Gosh were a nasty group of sly hipsters. Backwash is a collection of the Talulah Gosh singles, the Rock Legends 69 LP, their Peel Session and various live recordings. The birth of the band Heavenly. KLP44 $24

TENDER TRAP - "Film Molecules" CD
Amelia Fletcher has been a vibrant centre of the K universe for over 10 years, with her many experiments in crashpop propulsion: first Talulah Gosh, which melded into Heavenly, then the graceful Marine Research & now the pop-perfect Tender Trap. A collaboration with Rob Pursey (Heavenly, Marine Research) & former Marine Research drummer DJ on the sequences/keyboards, this latest amalgamation takes flight with resounding resiliency & speed, designed to be as clear & as simple as possible. Short & stripped down to find out what lives inside. Discovering that even when rooms are completely empty they still house ghosts. KLP126 $24

TIGER TRAP - "Tiger Trap" CD
One of the most classic of indiepop albums, of which all can be derived, just about. Early 90's brilliance where Rose Melberg (Softies, Go Sailor) got her "start". 12 tracks of completely seminal indie girlpop that's got a bit of a bite. roar! KLP17 $24


ASHLEY PARK - "Town and Country" CD
From the very beginning it felt like "Yours Truly" didn't belong out here, growing up all alone in this big country house...a rich tapestry woven from the duality that is "town & country"...sixties soft pop blended with popular beat group music...mersey! KC055 $24

BIRDIE - "Some Dusty" CD
The debut full-length from London's Birdie featuring long time St. Etienne collaborator Paul Kelly and former Dolly Mixture leading lady Debsy Wykes. Birdie craft the most powerfully subtle music you have ever heard, combining AM radio charm with an infallible British pop sensibility. KC056 $24

BIOWIRE - "Disparation" CD
Biowire debuts with a laid back, tripped out electro experiment. Melodic grooves layered with acid and drum and bass rythyms. This is one smooth disc. A great introductory artist to the EWB and UltraWide World. KC062 $24

DRESSY BESSY - "Sound Go Round" CD
The brilliant follow-up to the massively successful "Pink Hearts and Yellow Moons" SGR finds Dressy Bessy pumping out the same classic girl power pop that made them famous. The solid songwriting and fun songs that got earned the band much praise previously, is here with a renewed sense of energy. This is the kind of music you just can't get tired of and they do it better than anyone. 60s influenced rock for the 2000s! KC069 $24

DRESSY BESSY - "California" CDEP
The much anticipated "California" ep is chocked full of danceable hooks that will feed the appetite of all present and future Dressy Bessy fans. From the reminiscent lyrics to the tight rhythm and hook laden rockers, this ep will keep your head bobbing. KC060 $20

DRESSY BESSY "Pink Hearts Yellow Moons" CD
The debut full length from this Denver combo that delivers pure power pop bliss like no other...echoes of the Go-Go's and other new wave era girl groups can be heard. Guitarist John Hill also moonlights in a little band you might know as the Apples in Stereo. KCO25 $24

ELECTRONIC WATUSI BOOGALOO - "just another taste of..." CD COMP
So begins a new era... With this compilation we introduce the world to the Electronic Watusi Boogaloo Collective. This bunch of Swedish DJs and musicians is setting our heads a spin with their new sound. Electronic music for the masses, which still retains the 60s influences that we all love! KC051 $24

THE ESSEX GREEN - "Everything is Green" CD
For years the members of the Essex Green have played with folks such as: Jim O'Rourke, Ladybug Transistor, Guppyboy and now they have come together and made a damn fine album of their own. Think the kinks "village green preservation society" and the zombies "oddessy and oracle" mixed with american roots music and Celtic folk and you might start to get the picture. KC034 $24

ETIENNE CHARRY - "36 Erreurs" CD
A 36 song parade through the very quirky world of Etienne. Complete with his puppet band and nunchaku demonstrations Etienne drops the best slab of dance psyche we have ever had the pleasure of dancing to. KC040 $24

THE FOUR CORNERS - "Say You're A Scream" CD
The Four Corners show Kindercool's other side with a rockin' romp reflecting the band's collective history of hard rocking 60s pop. Influences from the Who to the Stooges come blaring through in this female fronted rock machine. The cd contains both the original mono mix and the new hi-fi stereo mix for twice the fun! KCO65 $24

THE FROSTED AMBASSADOR - "The Frosted Ambassador" CD
wow! musique concrete on kindercore? you swore it would never happen but here we are challenging the listener with this brilliant 4 track artistry brought to you by a man known to us only as jim. part pierre henry and part new school E6 style psyche. check it out! KC030 $24

GREAT LAKES - "Great Lakes" CD
One of the newest additions to the Elephant 6 family, Athens, GA's Great Lakes finally release their magnificent panoramic pop record, produced by Apples in Stereo's Robert Schneider. While reminiscent of classic 60's and 70's pop/rock, the Great Lakes are a ride of their own. KC044 $24

I Am the World Trade Center finally delivers their long-awaited full-length debut "Out of the Loop". Samples, beats, loops, and elegant female vocals come together on this innovative electropop record. Produced entirely on a laptop this record is a brilliant example of the marriage between modern technology and music. KCO38 $24 [download]

JAPANCAKES - "The Sleepy Strange" CD
On Japancakes 3rd effort we find them a mature and proper band. This one pushes in a more organic direction with beautiful pedal steel and cello leads backed up by Japancakes' own thick, lush, instrumental magic. "A veritable country orchestra specializing in creamy, country flavored drone" sez Rolling Stone. KC058 $24

JAPANCAKES - "Down the Elements" CD
As a follow-up to the fabulous "If I Could See Dallas", Eric Berg and his orchestra deliver this new instrumental masterpiece. Japancakes explores new sounds resulting in an eclectic collection of organic, ambient masterpieces resplendent with beautiful blips and bubbles, sure to soothe and caress tired ears. KCO37 $24

JAPANCAKES - "If I Could See Dallas" CD
Filled with the warm tones of analog synths, strings, guitars, bass, vocoder, drums, sitar and pedal steel, these 11 instrumental tracks provide the perfect soundtrack for floating through you most vivid dreams. KC031 $24

KINCAID - "Kincaid Plays Super Hawaii" CD
Brilliant sunshine pop with glorious harmonies from this yummy Athens, GA boyband that features Ryan Lewis and Dan Geller, the guys who run the superb Kindercore label. Super Hawaii is built upon the foundation of sprawling instrumentations and furnished with soft, smooth vocals that stop at nothing short of endearing perfection. If not the unabashed charm of the group, then the infectious nature of songs will have you tapping yer toes and in love with this band. KC033 $24 [traffic sounds recommended]

KINDERCORE RECORDS - "Kindercore 50: We Thank You" 3CD COMP
The must-have kindercore collection. Disc 1 introduces all of the new Kindercore bands with exclusive tracks from the current family. Disc 2 looks back at the past 49 releases with a sampling of now out-of-print and never released rarities. Disc 3 offers remixes of Kindercore friends and family by other members of the extended family. A definite bargain and a great introduction to the label. KCO50 $28

A Christmas treat you can enjoy all year round. Enjoy the silly season with Dressy bessy, Busytoby, I am the world trade center, Kings of Convenience, The Sixth Great Lake, Six Cents and Natalie, The Four Corners, Ladybug Transistor family and friends, Kincaid, Vermont, The Essex Green, Of Montreal, Richard Davies, Ciao Bella, Wee Turtles, Triangle Park, Junior Varsity, Masters of the Hemisphere, The Gwens, The Boyish Charms, The Mendoza Line, Vic20, Lunchbox, Bugs Eat Books. KC035 $24

KINDERCORE RECORDS - "Seven Summers International Pop: Volume 2" CD COMP
A split releases with Germany's Twee.net label, its a who's who of sophisticated pop music from the northern hemisphere. Contributors include Cessna, #Pounsign#, La Buena Vida, Red Sleeping Beauty, Kincaid, the Autumn Teen Sound, Gritty Kitty, Bunnygrunt, Acid House Kings and heaps more (24 in all!). KC023 $24

KINGS OF CONVENIENCE - "Kings of Convenience" CD
Hailing from the city of Bergen, Norway, this understated duo is able to weave unbelievable songs from relatively simple means. Essentially only two guitars, two vocals and an occasional beatbox, they create some of the most beautiful pop music created in recent history that's reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel and Belle and Sebastian. KC046 $24

KITTY CRAFT - "Beats and Breaks From the Flower Patch" CD
Get ready for this foxy cd filled with samples, drum machines and keyboards all created by a fabulous girl named Pamela. A little bit St Etienne, a little bit De La Soul and a whole lot more. Calling all freakazoids, report to the dance floor! KC024 $24

The Coast return for their third full-length release. This time out, Of Montreal join Andy and take a huge sonic and artistic step forward wihtout sacrificing the wit and charm that make the Marshmallow Coast stand out in their field. KC053 $24

MASTERS OF THE HEMISPHERE - "Protest A Dark Anniversary" CD
With the release of their third album, the Athens, GA-based Masters once again return to "normal" songwriting, addressing real issues and emotions. Protests sees the band maturing into a classic pop band with true talent and amazing songs. The brilliant production of Freemdoom comes together with the sincere lyrics of their self-titled debut to give us all the Masters record we have been waiting for. The hitmakers come through with shining colours on their third full-length release. It's nice to watch a band grow up. KC075 $24 [traffic sounds recommended]

The long awaited followup to the Masters much lauded debut comes in the form of an epic soundtrack to the enclosed comic book "I am not a freemdoom", which tells the tale of Freemdoom, Gorgar, Mal and Ed and the conflict on the Island of Krone Ishta. Sounds crazy until you hear the songs. But it's not just a kooky rock opera of sorts. Its also a wonderful pop album full of lush vocal harmonies, new instruments and songwriting that can't be beat. KCO39 $24

MASTERS OF THE HEMISPHERE - "Masters of the Hemisphere" CD
The first cd release from this Athens, GA heart breaking boy pop combo and the follow up to their much sought after and now out of print 1997 "Going on a Trek to Iceland" 7". Songs about love, maps and sea captains...not to be missed! KC026 $24

THE MENDOZA LINE - "I Like You When You Are Not Around" CD
This record sees the band reaching their potential and really showing some strong growth. KC028 $24

OF MONTREAL - "Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies" CD
Of Montreal's new opus. 72 minutes of music, a sixteen page full colour art book and fold-out poster and 22 of the best songs you have ever heard. Catch this band at the height of their artistic career. KC064 $24

OF MONTREAL - "Early 4track Recordings" CD
This special release brings you Of Montreal's roots, so to speak. This record is an intimate and impressive look at the world through kevin barnes' eyes. Simple and beautiful, these are songs Kevin recorded before he even had a record deal. KC061 $24

OF MONTREAL - "Horse and Elephant Eatery: The Singles and Songles album" RED VINYL LP ONLY
Only a title like that could sum up the fabulous songs included in this career spanning compilation. Featured on this record are all of the bands appearances on 7" singles and compilations plus some never before released rarities. Old favorites come together with future hits to make this an indispensible part of your Of Montreal collection. KC045 $24

OF MONTREAL - "The Gay Parade" LP ONLY
This vinyl version of the popular Of Montreal record. More of the classic artpop these Elephant 6ers have made their name on. KC029 $24

OF MONTREAL - "The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower" CD
Originally released by Kindercore as "The Bird Who Ate The Rabbit's Flower" ep, which was full of 1964 style pop that drove all the kids to swoon. As a result the record went out of print almost immediately, so in their never ending quest for self revision Of Montreal took this opportunity between repressings to remix and in some cases even re-record the songs on the original e.p. KC027 $24

OF MONTREAL - "The Bedside Drama A Petite Tragedy" CD
Of Montreal chronicle a tale of love gone bad so moving that even the strongest of hearts will be broken. Short pop hits and slow ballads. KC022 $24

THE REAL TUESDAY WELD - "Where Psyche Meets Cupid" CD
The Real Tuesday Weld's "Where Psyche Meets Cupid" is also here with more of Stephen Coates inventive "Antique Beat" production style. The earlier Ep was just a taste of what this Londoner can deliver. Old fashioned samples and new tech ambience combine with looped beats and smoky vocals to make this impressive debut full-length with a Gainsbourg-esque vibe. KCO66 $24

THE REAL TUESDAY WELD - "L'Amour et la Morte" CDEP
Tuesday Weld finally brings his "antique beat" to the masses. This Londonite blasts off with the bigbeat jazz hit title track. This is truly a whole new kind of music. The sounds of the flapper era mingling with modern electronica. KC057 $20

RICHARD DAVIES - "Barbarians" CD
On "Barbarians," Australia's own Richard Davies continues to mine the catchy pop melodies he brought to life with The Moles and Cardinal. Sure to please longtime fans, "Barbarians" is also the perfect intro for newcomers who might be motivated to research his musical past. KC043 $24

THE SIXTH GREAT LAKE - "Up the Country" CD
Members of Elephant 6 band The Essex Green and Ladybug Transistor get together with old friends, and create a brilliant record, full of lush folk pop and alt-country goodness. KC063 $24

THE SUNSHINE FIX - "The Future History of a Sunshine Fix" CDEP
A Sunshine Fix is the latest project from Bill Doss, one of the founding members of the legendary Elephant 6 pioneers Olivia Tremor Control. On the debut EP, he explores the extremes of the new universe, from a beautiful country jangle to wacked out soul and much more. KC054 $20

VERMONT - "Calling Albany" CD
Davey, Dan and Chris take time off from their other projects, The Promise Ring and Pele, to deliver another beautiful collection of songs. True songwriting with lush melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this is a must for both fans of the Promise Ring and fans of brilliant songwriting. KC067 $24

VERMONT - "Living Together" CD
Lush acoustic pop from Davey and Dan of emo-poppers the Promise rRing. Reminicent at times of Belle and Sebastian or the Red House Painters, with an emphasis on songcraft not dissimilar to the Mendoza Line. KC032 $24

WOLFIE - "Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat" CDEP
After a little time out and some hard work the band emerges from their cutie shell and kicks out the big rock! Kindercore is proud to bring you this first release in what promises to be a slew of great new sounds from this revamped foursome. KC041 $20

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