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TOM MORGAN - "Local Knowledge" 7"
A one-sided single from Smudge frontman and Sneeze cohort, Tom Morgan. With Smudge on hiatus, Tom makes his solo debut on this release, limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Joined by Simon Gibson (Half Miler, Sneeze) on drums and Adam Yee (Smudge) on bass, Morgan sheds his slacker pop past, playing with a new brand of vigour and enthusiasm pushed along by Gibson's energetic drumming. Smudge may be gone for the moment but Morgan's characteristically witty and incisive songwriting remains well and truly alive in this >release, picking up where Smudge's last effort left off. LMG001 $6


BART & FRIENDS - "I Was Lonely Til I Found You" CDEP
A fabo 7 track selection of originals and covers (Kate Bush, Magazine & Buzzcocks) done in that classic heartfelt jangle pop style Bart has become renowned for in his other bands (Cat's Miaow & Hydroplane). SHHH17 $15

HUON - "Fluoro" 7"
Huon feature members of Sleepy Township, the Cannanes and the Cat's Miaow but don't sound particularly like any of those bands. This single highlights the more conventional pop side of the band and features a Mayo Thompson cover. SHHH5 $8

A compilation of songs recorded live-to-air for Melbourne's 3RRR's former radio program, Pacific Highway that championed the lo-fi, 4 track home recording aesthetic. Features tracks from illustrious, mostly-Melbie bands like Sodastream, Mary Wyer (Even As We Speak), Joel Meadows (The Steinbecks), Bart & Friends, Sleepy Township, Minimum Chips, Royal Chord, Grand Salvo, Panel of Judges, Vivian Girls and Long Weekend. SHHH16 $20

LIBRARY RECORDS / DRIVE-IN RECORDS - "Indie Aid Abroad: A Little Help For East Timor" CD COMP
This is a compilation CD co-released with Drive-In Records. All profits going to "Community Aid Abroad", which is a charity working to provide for basic human needs in East Timor. The CD has tracks by bands associated with Library and Drive-In. Many of the tracks are exclusive to this comp. Some are from sold out, out of print 7" singles and appear for the first time on CD. Featuring bands of the calibre of the Cannanes, Cat's Miaow, the Autocollants, Hydroplane, Even As We Speak, The Lucky Ladybugs (Lucksmiths & Ladybug Transistor), Buddha on the Moon and the Steinbecks. SHHH10 $20 [traffic sounds recommended]

MARK NARKOWICZ - "Now, Where Was I?" CD
Mark Narkowicz normally fronts the Dunaways, who are kinda country-rootsy-rocky, but he has always been a fan of power pop as well, and on this, his first album are bundled up all those tunes he's written over the past few yeas which snap, crackle and pop with acoustic jangly goodness. Mature pop music with youthful zest and adult wisdom blended perfectly in these 12 tracks, which includes three covers, one from the Rainyard. SHHH21 $20

MARK NARKOWICZ - "1000 Tears" 7"
Mark is currently the singer for Melbourne's The Dunaways. This is an out and out old style pop song with vocal harmonies and guitar riffs residing somewhere between the beach boys and the la's. SHHH7 $8

MIA SCHOEN - "Champions" CD
The first solo outing from a pop luminary of Melbourne, Mia Schoen, who has been in a gazillion great bands such as Sleepy Township, Huon, Long Weekend and Driving Past, in addition to being a rather good visual artist. Despite her prolific output, this collection of songwriting sketches and demos recorded from 1992-2002 still finds it own place, and not necessarily as the discards of her other bands. A touch darker and moodier than the jangliness of Sleepy Township and even the drone of Huon, Champions gives great insight into the workings of a true contemporary Australian pop legend. SHHH22 $20

This is the debut full length from Melbourne outfit, OPC, gathering songs from the past three years of recorded material, including tracks from the first two OPC Library 7"s. Combining the vocals of Jason Sweeney (Simpatico, PBXO, ex-Sweet William) and Louey Hart (ex Sweet William), with the added electronics, samplings and melodies from Cailan Burns (PBXO) and Nicole Lowrey, this album is pop-melancholia and late-night club dancing combined. With lyrics included, OPC hope you can sing along and sigh, perhaps not simultaneously. SHHH18 $20

OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN - "Transatlantic" 7"
Somehow another unusual morphing process occurred when Jason Sweeney transmogrified into Other People's Children (or OPC as the lazies refer to it) in 1995. This new 7" single on Library, sees the poppier side of OPC come to the fore, with much twiddling of oscillators and sweepers and melodic singing and drum machines and what else could you want? This one's all about decoding government infrastructures so it should be a laugh-a-minute ;) SHHH13 $8

Featuring members of Sweet William, they embrace the best bits of 80's synth pop and 90's electro dance. SHHH6 $8

ROBERT COOPER - "Robert Cooper" CD
Robert's new self-titled CD follows on from the release of his two previous singles on Library Records. To place Robert in a wider context he has also played in some of the best indie pop bands to come out of Melbourne such as the Sugargliders, Pencil Tin, the Steinbecks and the Earthmen. The CD captures the full range of Robert's musical ability and style, from the simple acoustic treatments reminiscent of his intimate café performances to the full-blown Wilsonesque. Included is a version of Pencil Tin favourite "Poignant" done on piano a la Bacharach. Sheer pop delight! SHHH11 $20

ROBERT COOPER - "If In Doubt" 7"
This is the 2nd single from Robert Cooper from Library and offers even more lashings of 60s pop stylings. There is nothing complicated here, just classic pop played on acoustic guitar with the focus well and truly on Cooper's gently textured vocals. It doesn't matter if it is the big bouncy or minimalist pop, Robert Cooper can't help bring a smile to my face. SHHH8 $8

ROBERT COOPER - "Fireworks at Noon" 7"
The first single from Robert Cooper, formerly of fabo pop bands the Sugargliders, the Earthmen, Pencil Tin and the Steinbecks. Yummy sunshine pop. SHHH4 $8

THE SHAPIROS - "The Shapiros" CD
These songs date back to 1994 when Bart Cummings (cat's miaow, hydroplane) teamed up with Pam Berry (black tambourine, the pines, glo-worm), Skooter Kelly (veronica lake) and Trish Roy (heartworms). Produced by Archie Moore (velocity girl) the songs highlight the beautiful harmonies and jangly guitar melodies the musicians are known for. All the singles are compiled together for the first time on the one cd. Also included are 2 previously unreleased songs. A cover of "will you still love me tomorrow?" and the original version of "when i was howard hughes" later recorded as a single by hydroplane. SHHH19 $20

Shapiros features Pam Berry on vocals as well as members of Veronica lake, Heartworms and Cat's Miaow. Pencil Tin features members of Steinbecks and Cat's miaow. Very pop. SHHH2 $8

Sleepy Township's 2nd album, is a fuller and richer than their scratchy debut. 13 songs of hope and despair in a style that brings together elements as disparate as the Clean, the Beach Boys and Beat Happening. The band is supremely democratic in a utopian sense, although not without its own inner tensions, which just give the songs that much more life. Each member of the band contributes their own songs and vocal performances. Mia and Guy and Alison swap around on guitar, keyboard and bass, creating shifting dynamics between songs, all within a framework that is instantly recognisable as the Sleepy sound. Sometimes trashy, sometimes soppy, but most definitely classic pop from the heart of Melbourne. SHHH15 $20 [traffic sounds recommended] [listen]

SLEEPY TOWNSHIP - "Morning" 7"
Featuring members of Long Weekend and Huon, this 7" is a prelude to the deliciously trashy pop album, Deep Water. Think lo fi meets the 60s sound of love and some early 70s Stones and you get an idea of what Sleepy Township are all about on this 4 track ep. SHHH12 $8

STINKY FIRE ENGINE - "Disco City Holiday" 7"
A dose of casio reality for the kids. SHHH1 $8

SWEET WILLIAM - "Fedora" 7"
Very quiet and sparse recordings verging on accoustic. These 2 songs feature Louey Hart on vocals instead of Jason Sweeney, so they are slightly reminiscent of the Field mice when Annemarie sang. SHHH3 $8

TUGBOAT - "All Day" CD
Melbourne's Tugboat expands the world most 3-piece bands inhabit by using vocal harmonies and experimenting with the dynamics of the songs. All Day displays a rich diversity, from simple and sweet pop to muted atmospherics and a spaciousness not seen since the likes of Galaxie 500. This marvellous debut, which follows on from their earlier single also out on Library, is an album of songs about moving on, of departures and arrivals. SHHH20 $20

TUGBOAT - "If You've Done It, You'll Know What I Mean" 7"
Sublime 3 track debut from Melbourne trio Tugboat. Bek Varcoe's breathy, ethereal vocals add some real shine to the songs. Like the warm orange/red glow that comes with an autumn sunset, these songs are awash with an emotional, as well as aural, beauty. The interplay of the lazy, almost hesitant drumming and lumbering bassline with Bek's gorgeous vocals and guitar chiming is captivating. Tugboat share some common musical ground with the Paradise Motel or Augie March in that their musical has an almost religious feel to it. SHHH9 $8


AISLERS SET - "The Last Match" CD
Australian version of the popular album released by one of San Francisco's finest crashpop bands. A tonne of cute with a little bit of a bite. Glorious girl/boy vocals underpinned by a love for 60s garage/mod/girl-group pop. Deep twelve-string and organ riffs intertwine atop a driving tambourine-heavy rhythm. L&L002 $18

FIBROTOWN - "Fibrotown" CD
After 5 years and many gigs later, Fibrotown finally get their act together long enough to put some songs down on tape. What the lazy amongst us would call alt.country, this will keep all the hip urban cowboys and girls happy. What it's trying to sound like is hillbilly-ish (yep, that's a word), but instead of ripping off The Carter Family and their kind they've updated (hell, there's even the riff of "Lust For Life" thrown in there somewhere...) Sydney may have Love Me, but in Melbourne no-one can out-charm Fibrotown. L&L011 $20

THE FOOTS - "The Foots" CD
12 songs of unpretentious pop expertly played by Melbourne's all-girl super-trio. Dreamy, sparse and introspective are three words that would aptly describe The Foots. Shambolic, unpolished and warm are three others.L&L001 $18

THE FOOTS - "...Again" CD
The 2nd release from The Foots, out of Melbourne that builds on their great debut release. More warm and mellow pop songs, made full with the melancholy of the cello (courtesy of Kirsty Stegwazi). L&L004 $18

A lovely and inviting record is the latest offering from Melbourne's Kirsty Stegwazi. Graceful and fragile, stark and beautiful, these are songs that hover beneath the surface, in an elusive and gently disturbing kind of way. Sunlit lyrics sit alongside shadowy musical themes; a love song is rendered melancholy and ambivalent by brooding minor chords and mournful cello. Guests include Andria Prudente (ex-Arrosa), Michael Noga (Sandro, Legends of Motorsport) and Marcus Barczak (By Ferry or Steamer), and they complement Stegwazi's own impressive acoustic guitar work nicely. L&L005 $17 [traffic sounds recommended]

LACTO-OVO - "Tsunami Pop" CD
A year on from their impressive debut, Shoes and You which garnered much praise from bewildered critics and a record deal in the US, Melbourne's Lacto-Ovo finally have the decided pleasure of introducing their new plastic Tsunami Pop to the public which finds the band in even better form with a much more coherent collection. Tsunami Pop features 11 brand new party songs just in time for summer, perfect for those wild uchiage parties or that romantic beach luau. L&L007 $20

Melbourne's Mid-State Orange are simply, in a class of their own. Superbly written pop songs that capture the glorious goodness of sunshine into their guitar jangliness and bah-bah-bah's and performed with an equally carefree and laidback manner. The music traverses through classic 80s anorak pop, 60s psych-pop, 70s disco grooves and 90s electropop sensibilities all at once to bring you a charming, innocent and familiar record. The band also features members of our eclectic loveable faves Lacto-Ovo and have cut their teeth on supports for such luminaries as Stereolab, Gaslight Radio and Ninetynine. Recommended for fans of Stereolab, The Shermans, and the Salteens. L&L009 $12 [traffic sounds recommended] [listen]

THE SALTEENS - "Let Go Of Your Bad Days" CD
The Salteens' sophomore effort is more of the many great things you've come to expect from your favourite Canadian pop band; more strings and horns, more infectious melodies, more perfect harmonies, and more opportunities to practice rock kicks at home. The record is catchy and familiar, giving a nod to the pop groups of the 60's, college radio heroes of the 80's, and the independent artists of today, synthesizing the best aspects of the pop groups that have preceded them into a highly inventive and refreshing original work. L&L012 $22

THE SALTEENS - "Red Wagon Tour" CDEP
Special local tour ep from Australia's favourite Canadian band, The Salteens. Featuring some new songs, a Guided By Voices cover and songs from the Tomorrow 7". Rollicking good fun to be expected from the purveyors of wholesome, sunshine pop. L&L008 $12

THE SALTEENS - "Short Term Memories" CD
Australian version of the album, featuring different artwork and a free badge with ever purchase! Infectious bright and sparkly pop with layers of harmonies and catchy goodness from Vancouver's super pop trio. The soundtrack to your endless summer, abound with unsullied teen virtue. These guys understand the value of tasty backing vocals and apply them with gusto. The sun may never need set! L&L003 $18

SLEEPY TOWNSHIP - "All These Records" CD
Considering that, as with most indie bands, money is too tight to mention, Sleepy Township's best work was hidden away on compilations and 7"s. So this (posthumous) release is the perfect way to discover the charm of them in all their ragged downbeat glory. There are many great classics, including one where you can imagine a lunatic drunk drummer screaming into the microphone in a falsetto voice while being an inch from passing out and a mere half an inch from falling off the drumkit...and it still managing to sound like a charming pop song. THAT was the power of Sleepy Township. L&L010 $20


THE BLESSED LIGHT - "For Love and Preservation" CDEP
Influenced by 60s pop, The Blessed Light has more melodies, harmony and dynamics than you've experienced in a long time. As if a classic 60s pop band had got their debut record produced by Phil Spector. MEX10 $16

DAMIEN JURADO - "Audio Letters and Postcards" CD
An intense and unnerving collection, Postcards And Audio Letters is an essential companion to Jurado's music, as if he'd been making a soundtrack to this documentary all along. The emotions presented are often uncomfortably genuine. But this is not a music album, rather it's a collection of personal letters, snippets of phone conversations and random conversations documented on tape with boom boxes and answering machines. MEX09 $24

PEDRO THE LION - "The Only Reason I Feel Secure" CD
Hailed by critics and fans alike as further proof of singer/songwriter David Bazan's genius, this original Made in Mexico version of the EP is pretty hard to find in the wake of Pedro The Lion's ever-growing success. The production and songwriting are both warm and dark for this trio that has at its core, David Bazan whose angelic voice and sentiments can both comfort and shame you in its sincerity. Perfect for fans of pacific northwestern indie rock tinged with the sorrow of Damien Jurado / Mark Kozelek / Red House Painters and the measured pace of Pavement / Sparklehorse. MEX006 $24

PEDRO THE LION - "It's Hard to Find a Friend" CD
Full length released in 1998. Says AMG "Dave Bazan wears his sins on his sleeve. Still, there's a sweetness about his outlook and journey on It's Hard to Find a Friend. The songs offer nice detail: he finds his girlfriend has ticket stubs to a movie she saw with someone, but not him; and he wishes he could become the disciplined person a friend is "for a few habit-forming years." There's some real grace and poetry in the lyrics, and the music is spare, simple, and hypnotic. Bazan seems to be a musical hybrid of Moe Tucker and Daniel Johnston, with a dash of Brian Wilson and Popol Vuh. A brotherly gem." MEX002 $24

T.W. WALSH - "How We Spend Our Days" CD
A retrospective of sorts from this drummer turned songwriter. Recorded himself on various 4 track and 8 track machines between 97-99. Previous cassette releases under the name Dirtbike. Keep your eyes peeled, for there's more to come. MEX08 $24

THE VOGUE - "As Brass and Satin" CD
As Brass and Satin is an album of 8 songs, released just after the young band's debut 7", that promises to be the future sound of punk. It's provocative, but not political. It's aggressive, but not angry. They, like the label itself, are not concerned with genre or subculture, but are dedicated to their art and aesthetic. MEX11 $24


AIRPORT GIRL - "Honey, I'm An Artist" CD
Debut full length by an 8-piece from Nottingham, England who play guitars as well as trumpet and violin and have earned comparisons to the Pastels, Go Betweens, Cinerama and Sportique. In describing the band, Melody Maker wrote "like Belle and Sebastian meet Denim, which is the stuff of genius" and "melodies so glorious they make the room spin in adoration." MATCD011 $24

EDSON - "Sunday, Lovely Sunday" CDEP
Hailing from Stockholm, Edson combine strong melodies, excellent vocals and multiple guitars with trumpet, flute, melodica, and glockenspiel. Fans of the Colourfield, Beautiful South or Velvet Underground should take note of this fine 4 track EP. MATINEE016 $15

EGO LA MAIN DEVANT LA BOUCHE - "Ego La Main Devant La Bouche" CD
Debut album from this French quartet includes 13 accomplished songs (ten in English, three in French) combining multiple guitars with prominent keyboards and strings, excellent female harmonies, percussion and other superb instrumentation. Nearly a year in the making, the songs shine with smooth arrangements and lush orchestration similar to House of Love, the Church, or Tindersticks. Includes a new version of "What Am I Supposed To Do" from the band's 1998 debut 7" on Matinée, which acclaimed French magazine Les Inrockuptibles lauded for its "unreserved enthusiasm." MATCD006 $24


THE FAIRWAYS - "Darling Don't You Think" 7"
Debut 45 from a San Francisco band featuring former members of Skypark. The title track is a three-minute jangle pop classic with excellent male vocals and keyboards sure to please fans of early Primal Scream and the Sea Urchins. The B-side features two acoustic tracks with a slight orchestral feel similar to Blueboy. Fairways vocalist Brent and guitarist Jen made up half of the one-off band Uni, who covered the Sea Urchins on the A Smile Took Over EP. MATINEE009 $10

3rd single from Brighton duo and the first release since their highly acclaimed debut. The lead song combines masterfully layered keyboards and guitars with the sincere, eloquent vocals characteristic of the band. Also offered is a rhythmic slice of melancholy pop with gently strummed guitars, emotional lyrics, and a slight soulful tenor, and closing the EP with delicate simplicity, hovering somewhere between Mazzy Star and Galaxie 500. Arguably the band's strongest release to date. MATINEE030 $14

HARPER LEE - "Go Back To Bed" CD
Brilliant debut album from Brighton, England duo featuring Keris Howard (Brighter, Hal, Trembling Blue Stars) on vocals and guitar, and Laura Bridge (Hood, Boyracer, Kicker) on guitar, keyboards, and drums. Building on the strength of highly praised singles and exposure from John Peel, Harper Lee present ten soon-to-be-classic tracks of melancholy pop with beautifully layered keyboards and guitars plus heartbreakingly earnest lyrics. MATCD009 $24

HARPER LEE - "Bug" 7"
Highly anticipated second single from Brighton duo featuring Keris Howard (ex-Brighter and Hal, Trembling Blue Stars) on vocals and guitar, and Laura Bridge (ex-Hood, Kicker) on guitar, keyboards, and drums. A preview of the band's forthcoming debut album on Matinée, this double A-side showcases idyllic, earnest pop, beautifully layered keyboards and guitars, and tragic mournings of the Brighteresque variety. The band's debut 7" "Dry Land" is nearly sold out... get copies of this one while you can! MATINEE019 $10

HARPER LEE - "Dry Land" 7"
Debut single by an extremely promising new band from Brighton, England featuring Keris Howard (former vocalist of Sarah Records band Brighter) on vocals and guitar, and Laura Bridge (sometime member of Hood) on guitars and keyboards. With plaintive lyrics, strumming guitars, and lovely orchestration, these heartbreakingly earnest pop songs pick up nicely where Brighter left off. In limited quantity - get yours now to save disappointment! MATINEE014 $10

LOVEJOY - "Songs In The Key Of..." CD
Brighton's Lovejoy followup their excellent debut single with this great 10-song album. Lead vocalist and guitarist Richard Preece (ex-Spinning Wheels; current collaborator in Beaumont and the Snowbound International Pop Club) delivers masterful vocals not unlike a more indiepop Adorable. With brilliant use of keyboards, percussion, and vocal harmonies, the band's debut long-player is an essential soundtrack for the now generation and perfect for fans of Biff Bang Pow!, House of Love, the Wake, Razorcuts or Blueboy. MATCD008 $24

LOVEJOY - "Plays Biff Bang Pow!" 7"
Popular English band's homage to Creation Records features brilliant acoustic cover versions of Biff Bang Pow! songs "Hug Me Honey" and "The Beat Hotel." The A-side is the first Lovejoy recording to showcase lead vocals from Keith Girdler (Blueboy, Beaumont), while the flip returns Dick Preece to lead vocal duty. Both songs are made spectacular with the addition of haunting female harmonies courtesy of Ally Board. Limited edition red vinyl pressing. MATINEE028 $9

THE LUCKSMITHS - "Where Were We?" CD
Following in the tradition of their highly popular "Happy Secret" album in 1999, this is an assortment of non-album tracks from singles and various artist compilations over the past three years. Fourteen tracks in total, including a new song with indie legend Pam Berry on backing vocals and alongside other crowd favourites. Recorded in Australia, England and the US, this superb collection documents the strong songwriting and memorable melodies that have helped secure the Lucksmiths' renown as one of today's most popular indie bands. MATCD019 $24 MATCD019 $24 [listen]

THE LUCKSMITHS - "North American Summer 2001" 7"
Once again, another great offering from Melbourne's favourite popsters. To mark their epic voyage around the Americas, our boys have put out this delightful, limited edition single of 2 tracks showcasing a mellower side of the Luckies, that was recorded by Pete and Karl of Sodastream. MATINEE027 $10

Another fine release from Australia's favourite popsters which features some of their catchiest songs so far! The title track is an infectious summer pop hit with driving guitar and bass, tambourines, ba-ba-ba's, a shaky egg, and brilliant harmonies. "Tmrw vs. Y'day" features meandering gentle strums, vibraphone, and splendid vocals. Also includes a superb cover of the Magnetic Fields' "Deep Sea Diving Suit" and a handsome new version of "Southernmost" with multilayered keyboards. MATINEE018 $15

THE LUCKSMITHS - "Staring At The Sky" CDEP/10"
Staring At The Sky began in Paris during the band's 1999 European tour. The boys borrowed some instruments and recording gear, and for 3 grueling days locked themselves in an apartment on the Boulevard Voltaire. Back home in Melbourne, and persevering with their new-found worldliness, they invited a few of their friends around to a backyard shed to polish the thing off-some horns here, some strings there, a little piano, an even smaller melodica they found 2nd hand in Finland. The end result is très magnifique!: six understated classic pop tunes spanning everything from love and self pity to aviation history. MATCD004/MATLP004 $18

MATINEE RECORDINGS - "Matinee Spring Collection" CD COMP
A bargain seven song sampler of artists playing at two live Matinée nights in London the last week of April 2001. Features new, exclusive tracks from Slipslide, The Windmills, and Would-Be-Goods, a non-lp b-side from Airport Girl, and previously released gems from Lovejoy, Melodie Group, and Sportique. Limited to just 1000 copies and going for the price of a single, this release will not last long, and its a wonderful introduction to the world of Matineepop. MATINEE026 $15

Unique double 7" features Matinée bands paying homage to the brilliance of Sarah Records. Sweet William takes on the Sweetest Ache, the Lucksmiths cover Boyracer, Ego does Blueboy with French vocals, and Uni (featuring members of the Fairways and #Poundsign#) nails the Sea Urchins. MATINEE005 $12.50

MELODIE GROUP - "Summerness" 7"
Third release from the alter ego of Windmills vocalist Roy Thirlwall and his Melodie Group. The superb title track is a triumph reminiscent of Echo and the Bunnymen's heyday with swirling guitars, haunting amounts of reverb, and captivating vocals. The two b-sides are acoustic that demonstrate the simplicity and innovation possible from the Melodie Group palette. MATINEE033 $9

New EP quickly follows the band's promising debut Seven Songs. Featuring two-minute pop explosions with chiming guitars and superb vocals that recall the jangling best of early Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. Also showcases excellent vocal harmonizing and guitar strumming that will have you digging for old records from the Loft, and ending on a tearful closer that evokes the moodiness of the Go Betweens. MATINEE020 $15

Melodie Group is an evolving project of The Windmills vocalist and guitarist Roy Thirlwall and the perfect outlet for his never-ending creative energies. The band's 6 track debut features a timeless mix of strummed and jangled guitars, superb vocals, and pure pop melodies on songs about wild dreams, granny dresses, skindiving, suits of armour, French trousers, and swimming pools. With comparisons to early Lloyd Cole, the Go Betweens and Felt, this mini-album is not to be missed. MATCD007 $18

PIPAS - "Troublesome" 7"
Matinée debut from London duo Mark and Lupe - he formerly of Bella Vista (the band) and she formerly of Spain (the country). Collectively they are responsible for quite a buzz thanks to an impressive mini-LP released last year, which earned them favourable comparisons to the best moments of Club 8, Broadcast & the Aislers Set- which is to say not bad company at all! Lead track features split vocals and excellent harmonies set against a modern take on melodic pop. B-sides are equally impressive affairs with a bit more guitar and catchy harmonies that won't leave your head. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. MATINEE035 $9

REMEMBER FUN - "Train Journeys" CDEP
Remember Fun were a Scottish band formed in the mid-1980's who aligned themselves with contemporaries the Close Lobsters and the Church Grims in believing pop music could have a bitter edge. Following a string of accomplished demos, they appeared first on a Sha La La flexi in 1986 and then two compilation tracks followed in 1987 and 88. The following year, they made a recording of their most accessible song to date called "Train Journeys." It should have taken the world by storm but sadly never made it to proper release. Instantly memorable, the song features shimmering guitars, honest vocals and a superb beefy bass. Perfectly capturing the disaffection of youth, the song deserved to be heard by everyone. So here it is - 12 years on - coupled with two more unreleased tracks plus a magnificent obscurity from the band's past. MATINEE015 $15

THE SIDDELEYS - "Slum Clearance" CD
The Siddeleys' star shone briefly and brightly for two years at the end of the 1980s. Their songs were epic, but never pompous, instant, but never obvious - the essential essence of all great pop music. Slum Clearance collects sixteen songs from the singles, Peel sessions, and two compilation appearances in one beautiful historical artefact complete with photos and extensive linernotes. The sadness of listening to Slum Clearance comes not from the poignant verses that are actually as uplifting as they are melancholic, but from the knowledge that what could have followed such supreme beginnings will never be known. MATCD005 $24

SIMPATICO - "The Difference Between Alone and Lonely" CD
Debut full length from prolific and accomplished Sweet William vocalist and guitarist Jason Sweeney and his band Simpático. Following the critical success of the "Postal Museum" EP last year, Simpático was immersed in listening to records by Sea Stories, the Triffids and other brilliant Australian bands from the 80's and early 90's. This album is a dedication to that sound-warm, summery and melancholic tunes that reflect the harsh and dramatic Australian landscape matched with a longing and desire for lost loves. Features 12 new tracks blending the strongest songwriting of Jason's career with masterful keyboards, perfectly strummed guitars and that oh-so-dulcet voice. Intelligent, pastoral pop with an occasional electronic edge suitable for fans of the Wake, Pale Saints, Go Betweens, and Trembling Blue Stars. MATCD016 $24

SIMPATICO - "Postal Museum" CDEP
A happy return to the Matinée catalogue for ex-Sweet William vocalist and guitarist Jason Sweeney with his new project. Combining strummed guitars and earnest vocals with electronic rhythms and keyboards, these four exclusive songs are seductive and sublime, not unlike the practiced brilliance of Pale Saints, Trembling Blue Stars, or Magnetic Fields. MATINEE022 $15

SLIPSIDE - "Sleeptalk" 7"
The follow-up to the London trio's successful debut. The A-side is the most immediate song the band has recorded to date, with superbly jangling guitars, farfisa, tambourine, a bit of reverb and a toe-tapping quotient as high as anything I've heard recently. The flip employs classic 12-string guitar, more tambourines and a slight folky edge reminiscent of the best moments of Shack. MATINEE031 $9

SLIPSIDE - "Four Day Weekend" CDEP
Debut release from a London three piece featuring current and former members of Astronaut, the Love Parade, Eva Luna and Pure. Four well-crafted songs feature Graeme Elston's signature voice and swirling 12-string guitar combined with addictive choruses, keyboards, and rich production. A smashing addition to the Matinée roster, Slipslide present polished and melodic guitar pop that sits nicely beside treasured records from Aztec Camera, Go Betweens, Pale Fountains, or New Order. MATINEE023 $15

SPORTIQUE - "Modern Museums" CD
Co-founders Mark Flunder & Gregory Webster really were inspired to pick up guitars by Mark Perry's original Sniffin' Glue manifesto "here's a chord, here's another...go form a band" back in 1976. They joined forces in Sportique in 97, armed with intent to produce year zero new wave for anyone who still cared. John Peel certainly seemed to, and asked them in to record three sessions with him, along with almost singlehandedly championing their 1999 debut LP "Black Is A Very Popular Colour" and numerous 7" singles in the UK. Augmented by Rob Pursey & near legendary proto-riotgrrl Amelia Fletcher (both ex- Marine Research, Heavenly, Talulah Gosh), this album finds them ransacking the post-punk stylistic cabinet of Alternative TV and Magazine whilst dropping mildly obscured references to a host of modern artworks. MATCD015 $24

SPORTIQUE - "Black Is A Very Popular Colour" CD
Debut long player from English trio featuring Gregory Webster (Razorcuts, the Carousel, Forever People, Saturn V) on vocals and guitar, Rob Pursey (Heavenly, Talulah Gosh, Marine Research) on bass, and Sir Mark Flunder (TV Personalities, McTells) on drums. All the way from '65 and '78 by way of '86 comes Sportique's celebration of the holy trinity of Modernism, Punk and Pop, via art school shout-a-thons, country-tinged ballads, and straightforward pop classics. MATCD001 $24

SPORTIQUE - "Don't Believe a Word I Say" 7"
Exclusive new single from Oxford, England four-piece featuring legendary pop stars Gregory Webster (Razorcuts, the Carousel, Saturn V), Rob Pursey (Marine Research, Heavenly), Mark Flunder (TV Personalities, McTells), and Amelia Fletcher (Marine Research, Heavenly, Talulah Gosh). The superb title track features shimmering guitars and keyboards, handclaps, and nice female harmonies. New song on the flip showcases trilling keyboards and Greg and Amelia sharing vocals on an anthemic dual chorus. MATINEE017 $10

SWEET WILLIAM - "Lovely Norman" 7"
The beloved group from Adelaide's final single features mixed male and female vocals and timeless jangle pop sure to solidify support of Smiths and Sarah fans worldwide. These three engaging tracks from early in the band's career mix elegance, idealism and sincerity. MATINEE006 $10

SWEET WILLIAM - "Dutch Mother" 7"
Brilliant debut single by this Adelaide trio blending Morrissey-esque vocals with guitars that alternate between soothing strum and energetic jangle. These three heartfelt songs match melancholia and technologia to demonstrate keen influence by the Field Mice and the Smiths. MATINEE001 $10

Matinée Recordings has crossed the Atlantic to dig out the original tapes for Goldmining and ten other pop gems, all dating from 86-88. These songs, as much as many of The Visitors' contemporaries, perfectly capture something about being a teenager, and are lost treats from a time when a particular kind of pure guitar pop still roamed the streets of the small-towns and suburbs of the UK. MATCD003 $24

The Windmills resume action with their second full length. Comprising ten tracks, the album demonstrates a tremendous step forward in the band's songwriting and is easily their most impressive release to date. Incorporating keyboards and the occasional harmonica into their classic blend of pristine guitar pop, the band has achieved a fuller sound throughout this new album. MATCD014 $24

THE WINDMILLS - "When It Was Winter" CDEP
An excellent follow-up to the "Drug Autumn" ep and their second seasonal-themed release finds this English quartet in prime form. Four exclusive tracks sees the pairing of guitars with haunting keyboards to produce a serious contender for the band's strongest release to date. Unrestrained melodies, crisp guitars, and sincere vocals make this perfect for fans of the Go Betweens, Weather Prophets, Bodines, or Jazz Butcher. MATINEE024 $15

New 4-song masterpiece from Southend-On-Sea's finest export. Their first release since the well-received debut "Edge of August". From hip-shaking, beat happening la la la's to driving guitars and haunting melodies, the Windmills deliver sublime English guitar pop perfect for fans of the Go Betweens, Weather Prophets, East Village, or Bodines. MATINEE021 $15

THE WINDMILLS - "Edge of August" CD
Full length debut from a legendary English band featuring ace male vocals, catchy melodies, and jangling guitars. 12 brilliant songs recorded to follow-up the superb Three Sixty Degrees 7" and the band's unforgettable 1988 debut 7" prove that the band's return is no happy accident. Demonstrating a keen sense of songwriting, clever lyrics, and the lost art of making a guitar shine, the band has earned comparisons to indiepop greats the Brilliant Corners, Lloyd Cole, and the Go-Betweens. MATCD002

WOULD-BE-GOODS - "Brief Lives" CD
Long-awaited third album from revered English act Would-Be-Goods. Based around the vocal talents and songwriting skills of Jessica Griffin, the band's cult status has grown over the years. Following the addition of Peter Momtchiloff (ex-Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research) on lead guitar, the band set forth to write & record songs for their eagerly anticipated third album. This cd offers 16 outstanding songs across which Griffin spins a world peopled with crazed historical characters, mysterious cabaret performers & arch sophisticates, soundtracked by Momtchiloff's brilliantly expressive guitar, whilst Orson Presence adds piano, organ, harpsichord, vibraphone and strings. MATCD017 $24

WOULD-BE-GOODS - "Emmanuelle Béart" CDEP
First release in 8 years from adored English act with previous records on the legendary él and Trattoria labels. The title track is a two-minute manic pop thrill sure to incite frenzy on dancefloors across the globe with blazing guitars and the pristine voice of Jessica Griffin singing about French film star Emmanuelle Béart. The closing song is another electric affair that swings in all the right places and could have fit nicely on the band's debut album "The Camera Loves Me." Completing the current lineup are former members of Heavenly/Marine Research and Razorcuts. MATINEE030 $14


BABLICON - "Orange Tapered Moon" CD
Based in Chicago, Bablicon's abstract jazz experiements and art rock trickery put them ahead of the dull post rock sounds the city is best known for. Appeals to fans of avant jazz, experiemental music, post rock, krautrosk, and the ever popular Elephant 6 collective. Takes improvisation mixed with post-rock into entirely different territory. MSR05 $24

BABLICON - "In A Different City" CD
Bablicon is the project of Jeremy Barnes, formerly of Neutral Milk Hotel, among others, all under psuedonyms. Bablicon takes garage free jazz clamor, slams it to a stop as a cute, articulate casio breakbeat crosses its path, and then heads pell-mell with the jazz again. Each player in the trio lets loose on about eight instruments, and pieces ride a very nice line, bungee jumping into free solos every so often, which is often. MSR01 $24

CHRIS LEE - "Chris Lee" CD
Earnest soul pop jangle and airy sophistication of 70s soul combined with early punk. Brings to mind The Sea & Cake (and related). Produced by Steve Shelley, his group contains members of Home and Gold Sparkle Band. Fans of Cordrazine would do well to pick this up. MSR03 $24

MARSHMALLOW COAST - "Ride the Lightning" CD
With a passing listen, Marshmallow Coast's Ride the Lightning sounds like sweet, innocent orchestrated pop, but a closer inspection reveals much more. Principal songwriter Andy Gonzales takes his cues not just from his indie rock peers, but from sophisticated composers spanning several genres. The resulting songs are far more complex than your average indie-pop anthem. On Ride the Lightning, Andy enlisted the instrumental and engineering prowess of Derek Almstead (Summer Hymns, Of Montreal), who with the aid of many other Athens, GA, friends (including members of Olivia Tremor Control and Of Montreal) expanded the Marshmallow Coast to its full potential. MSR12 $24

MENDOZA LINE - "Lost in Revelry" CD
Long awaited new full length from this Athens, Georgia based six-piece. This is their finest amalgamation of songs to date with the songwriting their finest from an outstanding catalogue. Great for fans of American Music Club, Yo La Tengo and the replacements. MSR011 $24

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