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This, Les "Fruitbat" Carter's (ex Carter USM), fourth EP see's him finally record with one of his many Abdoujaparov live band incarnations and with fantastic results. "It's loud and loose garage punk with a touch of campy class" says InPress Magazine. PG012 $12

ABDOUJAPAROV - "Djamolidine" CD
Djamolidine (pronounced Jah-Mol-I-Deen) is an Australian compilation of the collective UK recordings of Abdoujaparov, the new band for former brat, Fruitbat from Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. It features 12 power punk rock tracks from the three EPs released on his Spinach label plus the bonus stompin' chant of 'Theme to Abdoujaparov' from the Murder (on Dalberg Road) 7" previously released on Pop Gun Records. Buy the 7" and this cd as a special pack and receive a discount! SD006 $15

ABDOUJAPAROV - "Murder (On Dalberg Road)" 7"
New band for former Unstoppable Sex Machine Les 'Fruitbat' Carter. Old school punk rock with a sweet ballad on the flipside. Buy this single with the Djamolidine CD and receive a discount! PG011 $10

Featuring Adelaide singer/songwriter Ben DeHoedt, Matt Harris (ex-Mobile) and Tim Mortimer (ex-Mandelbrot Set), "Peachment" is an intriguing mix of acoustic sounds and breakbeats and loops. "A fragile and emotionally charged EP" is what the Oz Music Project describes it as. Acoustic and electric guitars, samples and synths, breakbeats and distortion all piled into one blender and served hot. PG008 $12

THE DUMB EARTH - "Walk The Earth" LP
Emerging from the remnants of legendary Adelaide band The Lizard Train, The Dumb Earth (now featuring members of The Hired Guns) set themselves a new lineup of saxophone, bass, drums and guitar; all jazz tinged and blues gritty. Atop the smokey room feel of their musical soundtracks David Creese's monologues beguile the hidden pain of inner city living and mismatched relationships. A haunting and moving debut, beautifully packaged and pressed on 2 superbly pressed vinyl LPs. Limited edition of 300 hand numbered including additional track 'The Fly Killer'. SD003 $26

THE DUMB EARTH - "Taxi Me Through" 7"
Debut release for ex-Lizard Train members (now featuring members alt-country outfit The Hired Guns) see's them move into a noir, basement jazz blues thang. Think Tom Waits / Bukowski. PG003 $9

FLAT STANLEY - "Corn Fed Martyr" 7"
Super release from Adelaide's unsung heroes of indie pop. 3 tracks than dont miss a beat, especially the brilliant Checkout The Sellout. Fans of Replacements & Archers Of Loaf will dig this! PG004 $9

THE FUGLEMEN - "Land & Sea" 7"
Two slices of progressive hip hop from Australia ıs premier beats crew, encased in an uber-cool bubblewrap sleeve. PG010 $10

KING KRILL - "For Those About To Pop" 7"
King Krill were well known in Adelaide for their outrageously flambount and downright bad dress sense. Musically, they kicked arse! Bubblegum grunge,70s glam meets 90s power pop. PG007 $10

MOBILE - "Wrote Me Off" 7"
The best parts of electronica and pop, Mobile have forged their own rocking blend of disposable pop and cardigan rock. PG009 $10

SD009 $18

THE MOONIES - "At The Movies" CD
SD010 $18

THE MOONIES - "Ladies & Gents" CD/LP
The third album from these Adelaide larrikins has more fine, folk laced pop brilliance than their previous outings. Their wry observations and wit boost the melodies while the 20 page booklet gives you a hint of their on stage shit talk. Split into a chick side and bloke side... who's side are you on? SD004 $22/$26

MUFF - "Failure" 7"
Straight ahead rock 'n roll coupled with heartfelt Hüsker Dü-ish melodies. PG002 $9

SIN DOG JELLYROLL - "Judah Record Player" 7"
Cyber cynetic rock pig groove. All arms and legs going berserk, imagine an octopus dancing to dub underwater with screeching hi-pitched vocals. Wigged out indeed! PG006 $10

SATURNHEAD - "Beyond Supercollider" 7"
Recorded in the home studio of Canadian Terry Miles (now of Kindercore Records' Ashley Park), Saturnhead romp their way through eight melodious tracks that bleed into one another like a sunny days of sitting around listening to your favourite Beatles and Guided By Voices records. Pop delight. PG008 $10


DELORIS - "The Pointless Gift" CD
Twelve tracks of sublime indie from this Melbourne outfit, who just keep getting better and better. One review amongst all the glowing praise says, "probably one of the finest independent indie releases I've come across this year, Melbourne-based Deloris have developed a consistent and brilliant album: one that all indie lovers should not do without. Deloris display a wide variety of styles, from the guitar riff driven sounds to blissful instrumental introductions." QSR005 $24 [traffic sounds recommended]

EL MOPA - "Get Behind" CD
The debut album from Sydney’s el Mopa left critics struggling for words to define their original sound: 'country', 'slacker', 'country rock', 'indie guitar rock' are some that have been thrown around. But whether or not these terms fit is beside the point: this is clearly a band that is one of a kind. The band builds on the lazy momentum with a drunken swagger, and highlights include Nun Julie and For Floatsam. QSR001 $24

IDES OF SPACE - "First Translated in 1965" CDEP
The debut EP for this Sydney outfit opens with a couple of beautifully drifting pop songs - lilting melodies built atop a rose-coloured guitar wash. Six tracks in all, you'll find some of Ides' rockingest moments, tho still given a gentle sheen with pat's shimmery vocals. QSR006 $17

KNIEVEL - "The Name Rings A Bell That Drowns Out Your Voice" CD
Beautifully melodic album from Sydney-based Knievel. Songwriter (and producer extraordinaire) Wayne Connolly has altered his melodic mood a little from his time with the Welcome Mat (and from earlier Knievel recordings) and this - combined with the maturity of the other players here - makes for an album brimming with warmth and as defined by its subtlety as by anything else. For old Connolly fans as well as those into mellow pop like the Spinanes. QSR004 $24

PURPLENE - "Ruining It For Everybody" CD
Debut album from Newcastle/Sydney 4 piece Purplene, following from the lovely split single on Steady Cam and a self-released ep. Recorded and mixed at various Sydney studios between November 2000 and May 2001 with Steve Foster (Ukiyo-e, 2 Litre Dolby, Gerling), the album features just over 62 minutes of music marked by intricate guitar-based dynamics and oft-tuneful counter melodies. QSR008 $24

SEA LIFE PARK - "Wildlife Documentary" CD
Creeping onto the independent music scene with little fuss in the late-1990s, Sea Life Park released a self-titled debut in 1999 which proved a benchmark release for the band and for the house of QSR. In 2001, Wildlife Documentary sees Sea Life Park stepping up to the plate once again, this time around employing a maturer, more produced sound with which to impart their tender, meandering slo-core sounds. Calm, warm and gentle. Fantastic artwork too. QSR007 $24

Split release from Sydney's Sounds Like Sunset and Lassie Foundation from California. Both sides feature delightful pop songs that finds ground somewhere between the classic shoegaze fuzz of My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, and the even-more classic pop harmonies of the Beach Boys. Heavily layered and textured, these songs have also found their way onto brilliant orange marble vinyl and a bubblegum pink sleeve. Yum! QSR003 $10


CESSNA - "The Loves, Longings and Regrets of" MINI-CD
The return of the boys from Finland. Four soft songs of seasons and loves, and three instrumental explorations for stolen scooters and rain-soaked electronics. The warbling basslines and jazzy chords are still there, but vintage organs and analog synths pick up momentum on this outing. There are also new trumpet sounds in the mix this time. KHZ100 $13

ESSIAR - "Summer in Minsk" MINI-CD
Between Scotland and chanson française, that's where you'll find this eclectic mix from a most enigmatic collaborator. Beautifully structured songs with minimal but effective arrangements and a delicious ennui that the French do so well. KHZ199 $13

GYPSOPHILE - "De Loin, Les Choses" CD
De loin, les choses is the first record on which Paris based bossa-aficionado and hopeless romantic Guillaume Gypsophile sings entirely in his native French, and the mood, if somewhat darker, is also more intimate. This album finds our hero drifting through the cities and landscapes of Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Madagascar, articulating the feelings of the traveller, balancing wanderlust with reflections on stormy lives and stormy nights left behind. KHZ101 $20


GYPSOPHILE - "Songs of a Thousand Nights" MINI-CD
A theme project for Radio Khartoum, this release finds Gypsophile always in the dark spaces between loves, searching, anticipating, sometimes abandoning, but inevitably staying up far too late. Five sad kisses in English, and a cheery Jekyll and Hyde number in French with a hint of Katerine and Kahimi Karie. KHZ298 $13

THE HEPBURNS - "Champagne Reception" MINI-CD
Welshmen the Hepburns return with their first release in 10 years. What a difference a decade can make. This album finds the band in exquisite form, somewhat gentler but as whimsical and cinematic as ever. 9 tracks that bring to mind Nick Drake and the Smiths. KHZ200 $13

NICE SYSTEM - "Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex" CD
Direct from the epicenter of Norway's emerging "Cafe Superstar" scene, Nice System is a parallel project from the gang behind Remington Super 60. With Nice System, the trio focus more on acoustic instruments (including cello) and real drums, but never quite unplug their cheap synths. Like Watoo Watoo's release for Radio Khartoum, this record grew out songs originally produced for the 18fps soundtrack series. A healthy dose of ba-ba-bas, bossanova, and warbling keyboard calls, this is music for romantic, pre dinner adventures. KHZ201 $18

RADIO KHARTOUM - "The Soft Rains of Delta Cephei" CD COMP
Hot on the trails of vol 4, comes the next chapter of RK's delightful soundtrack series, 18 Frames Per Second, this time featuring some well known names in the traffic sounds catalogue. A veritable international lineup of dreamy pop includes Spain's Souvenir, 800 Cherries from Japan, the Swedish combo Instant Life and a cool collaboration from Cessna and Nu Science from Finland. Get it now and introduce to the impossibly beautiful world of Radio Khartoum. KHZ401 $18

RADIO KHARTOUM - "The Politics of Disappearance" CD COMP
The fourth in the wonderful cinematic series, 18 Frames per Second from Radio Khartoum sees the first time its been presented on a full sized disc, with beautiful full size music to accompany it. Tracks have been contributed by French-Norwegian outfit The Pierres, Dakota Suite and Cavil from the UK and Julien Ribot, Christine and Spring hailing from France. KHZ301 $18

RADIO KHARTOUM - "The Stations of Abandoned Days" MINI-CD COMP
Volume 3 in the 18 Frames Per Second series of imaginary soundtracks, this one is for drifting, lovesick wandering, and perhaps disappearing in a faraway port. As far away as our imaginations, that is. Drenched with romanticism and fantasy, with a touch of the tropics and a bit of wry humor to boot, this might be "Paris, Texas" re-imagined by a (much) younger Jean-Luc Godard. Cast adrift through darkened alleyways, hazy cafes, moonscapes, and hellish tropical paradises, starring Chesty Morgan, Cinnamon, Chocolate Barry, Hitoribocchi, and Caramel. KHZ300 $13

For the sophomore voyage of Radio Khartoum's soundtrack series, 18 Frames Per Second, we embark on the open seas with a gorgeous, if rather moody, collection of exclusive recordings from Le Mans, Club Foot Orchestra, Louis Philippe, Christine, and Quigley. KHZ398 $13

RADIO KHARTOUM - "The Flight of Everson K" MINI-CD COMP
The premiere episode of Radio Khartoum's cinematic series, 18 Frames Per Second. Chocolate Barry, Bizarre, Cyrille Essiar, Christine, Seashells and Instant Life dish up a deluxe sundae in spy and thriller flavours. KHZ198 $13

WATOO WATOO - "Picture of a Lost Friend" MINI-CD
Bittersweet memories were never this sweet, and this is the confection that makes the medicine go down. Felt meets Club 8 on the boulevards of Paris. Sweet vocals and fabulous melodies in a perfect package of jazzy pop, laidback farfisa melancholy and sentimental instrumentals. KHZ299 $13


FABLEFACTORY - "American Custard" CD
An eclectic/experimental pop history lesson, bookmarked between native america and colonialism. Features an all star guest cast including Julian Koster from the Music Tapes/Neutral Milk Hotel, Andrew Reiger from Elf Power, John Dazzo from the Gerbils, Dottie Alexander and Derek Almstead from Of Montreal and a whole heap more of Athen's finest musicians. RCR11 $22

MY PLACE IN SPACE - "Ten Songs From Planet Earth" CD
Musical insight into the technological revolution. This is not electronic but rather pop music the calibre of Tullycraft with the aid of keyboards,drum boxes, and pedals. A side project for Darren from Princeton Reverbs Colonial, the aesthetics of My Place in Space swap pretense for realism while penning topical prose on the subject of computers, robots, and the unexplained. RCR15 $22 [download]

PRINCETON REVERBS COLONIAL - "...And the Flute to Float the Soldier's Sword" CD
The newest full length from the Princeton Reverbs Colonial is an eerie, waltzy, march and stomp through the fuzzier corners of underground American pop. It follows a tightknit fantasy story about the reverbs and their existence as a travelling performance quartet, who travel the world singing the blessings of hope for the weary. Features 19 tracks, narration, and guest appearances by members of the Masters of the Hemisphere, and Fablefactory. RCR14 $22 [download]


RED ROSES FOR ME - "A Boy, A Girl and A Rendez-vous" CD COMP
An excellent compilation from the Red Roses for Me crew (who also bring you that fabo zine). It's a veritable who's-who of indiepop today, plus lots of old friends you'd forgotten about! 15 tracks here from the likes of The Aislers Set, The Dudley Corporation, Callow, White Town, Watoo Watoo, The Sugargliders, Lovejoy, Bart & Friends, The Windmills, The Jordans, Aberdeen, Tree Fort Angst, The Zambonis, The Arrogants, and The Lucksmiths. Great value for money and a good place for a general introduction to the world of indiepop and cuddlecore. RRFMCD01 $16


ERIC METRONOME - "Broken Seas" 7"
Eric Rottmayer from Tiara showcases his more touching, gentle folkpop side on his solo outing on this stunning-looking 7" picture disc. One of his best acoustic guitar and vocal performances yet! RSQ09 $9

GRAVENHURST - "Distant Hearts A Little Closer" CD
Breathtakingly lovely full length debut cd from this Bristol band full of delicate, breathy, almost feminine vocals and gentle finger picking acoustic guitar mixed in with melodic xylophone, piano and an assortment of interesting atmospheric sounds. Gravenhurst revolves around writer / arrnger Nick Talbot, perhaps best described as neo-folk - ie. equal parts Nick Drake, Joy Divison, Red House Painters & Low. Split release with Mobstar UK. RSQ011 $22

The second in the Dutch Splits series from the Chicago-based Dutch Courage label features 2 hauntingly beautiful tracks each from the wonderful Jen Turrell (Rabbit in Red, Boyracer) and Iditarod, a duo from in Rhode Island, who make really nice, spacey, if somewhat sombre folkpop. DCR08 $9

LOVELETTER BAND - "Even The Pretty Girls Take Medicine" CD
14 tracks, split release with 555 Recordings. Grand Junction CO's Loveletter Band mature at an alarming rate with this, their worthy and weighty follow up to the acclaimed Pretty Girl, Ugly Town. The songs are well orchestrated pop, making full use of marimba's, glockenspiel, overdriven drums and even a musical saw! The LLB has been compared to the poppier moments of the Microphones. Chris Adolf also appears on the new Mirah CD (Advisory Committee on K Records). RSQ015 $22

RED SQUARE RECORDS - "The Way Things Change Vol. 3" 7"
The third in the Red Square series of compilations featuring fine unreleased songs by Figurine, Men in Fur, Seasick Crocodile (solo outing for Robbie Lawson from the Boyish Charms), Mirah, C.O.C.O., and our very own Cannanes on even sparklier yellow vinyl. RSQ05 $9

RED SQUARE RECORDS - "The Way Things Change Vol. 2" 7"
#2 in the 7" compilation series featuring fine unreleased songs by The Softies, Mac Dare, Park, The Bright Lights, The Microphones, and Dear Nora on delightful orange vinyl. RSQ04 $9

RED SQUARE RECORDS - "The Way Things Change Vol. 1" 7"
The first in the 7" compilation series which finds Jen Turrell, Kelly Slusher, The Pines, Steward, A Boy Named Thor and K Records' Calvin Johnson in fine form and lovingly presented in quality red vinyl. RSQ001 $9

A compilation of live recordings from shows at the Red Square house in Philadelphia from 1999-2001 which includes warm and welcoming tracks from Calvin Johnson, Dear Nora, The Thrift Shop, Steward, Jen Turrell, The Escargo-gos, Rabbit in Red, Men in Fur, Kelly Slusher, The Bright Lights, Dennis Driscoll, Currituck County, A Boy Named Thor and much much more. 24 tracks in all and great liner notes. RSQ008 $22

RED SQUARE / 555 RECORDINGS - "Empress Pop Weekend" CD COMP
Quality compilation to celebrate the 555 and Red Square festival in May 2002 at the Empress Hotel, Melbourne, Australia. Cant make it down under to join in? Don't you worry, as we have copies of the excellent CD. New and exclusive tracks from The Lucksmiths, Huon, Boyracer, Origami, Other People's Children, Jen Turrell, Guy + Mia (sleepy township), Minimum Chips, Bend Over Boyfriend, Julian Teakle (the frustrations), Driving Past, Steward, Fog and Ocean, New Waver, Long Weekend and Even As We Speak. What a stellar lineup! RSQ016 $18

Debut solo release by Matty Green, member of Boyracer, Empress, Girlboy Girl and Death By Chocolate, proving he is the melodic element in many of the aforementioned. Matty draws widely on his experience in his many other bands to put together an album that incorporates such diverse elements as bossa nova rhythms, overdriven guitars, delicate finger picking, warm hushed, confiding vocals to explore themes of travel, confusion, and companionships. These 14 tracks start and end in Japan (where much of the CD was written) and travel the world over in between. Includes a fantastic cover of the Softies' "Make Up Your Mind". RSQ023 $22

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