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CARTWHEEL - "How To Put One Foot on the Foldback" 7"
Debut single from young and sprightly Melbourne duo, Cartwheel, the full title of which is "How to put one foot on the foldback, whilst the other works the wah-wah", offered on brilliant minty green vinyl. Carol and David offer some 4 tracks of electropop goodness, laden with farfisa, keyboards, drum machines, delicate singing and a whole lotta spunk. Why not try a new band today? Fans of Ninetynine and Fog and Ocean should enjoy this. STJ1 $10


THE ASTEROIDS - "Moonlight Music" CDEP
Wondrously fresh, spacious and meticulously structured modern pop lullaby with chocolately organ and odd beatbox noises. Lush, downtempos songs with drip-fed harmonies and a smokey melody that evaporates into the mystic like your best dreams. SLAB2 $14

Debut album from one of Irelands top rising bands, recorded in Glasgow at Chem19. They have soaked up music onto every one of the 24 tracks available so the album explores 3 chord pop mixed with beautiful reveries. 14 songs of many shapes and sizes, all with tunes to die for. Every one could be a single. Alan Barr from the Delgados played beautiful cello and Chris Leonard added fancy banjo and singing. Chris thinks this LP will be Top Of The Pops. In a perfect world, he'd be right. SLAB5 $22 [download]

Limited split 7" featuring a beautifuly delicate acoustic creation of sweetness and melancholy from Paul, whilst the Dudley Corporation offers up yet another song filled with twists and hooks aplenty. SLAB3 $8

JOAN OF ARSE - "Distant Hearts A Little Closer" CD
Dublin outfit Joan of Arse's second full-length album features seven compositions recorded and mixed by the legendary Steve Albini in Chicago. The record marks something of a departure for the Arse. Quite aside from the step up production-wise, these 7 songs showcase the increasing breadth of the expanded 4-piece - from rock anthems to porchlight soliloquies. Jason Molina from Songs: Ohia and Nad Navillus added their touches to the recordings, with artwork by longtime fan Zak Sally of Low. Definitely the best and most cohesive Arse record to date. SLAB4 $22 [traffic sounds recommended] [download]

JOAN OF ARSE - "Lost at Sea" CD
Languid, lo-fi songs are to be found on this offering from the Irish outfit. Lost at Sea floats along, sombre and serious but underpinned by a remarkable subtlety and twisted sense of humour. Skewed rock for lonely people, you'll like this if dig Palace or Seam. SLAB1 $20

JOAN OF ARSE - "Unwanted Gift" 7"
This 3-song limited edition EP runs at almost 15 mins long. All 3 are at the mellower end of the Arse, and the most melodic that they can be, reminiscent of Low and Songs: Ohia. GEE06 $8


DANIELSON FAMILE - "Fetch The Compass Kids" CD
Long awaited new album from this oddball family outfit. Recorded by Steve Albini and the sound is expectedly crisp. Maybe a little much for some folks but a world of delight for many. SC45 $24

DANIELSON FAMILE - "Tri-Danielson (Omega)" CD
The last of this series of reissues, making widely available these albums and prepping you for their upcoming full length. Out there songcraft with an overwhelmingly optimistic and spiritual attitude. SC44 $24

DANIELSON FAMILE - "Tri-Danielson (Alpha)" CD
Another reissue of rare Danielson releases. Fantastically absurd stuff that has been much loved/hated by various hipster tastemakers. SC43 $24

DANIELSON FAMILE - "Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block" CD
Reissue of the debut album by this kooky family led by one Daniel Smith. A sound that is highly choreographed, yet still quite improvisational, showing a kinship with bombastic theatricality and yet a serrated and damaged edge with a deep spirituality. SC42 $24

DAVE FISCHOFF - "The Ox and the Rainbow" CD
At first listen to his sophomore full-length The Ox and the Rainbow, it may seem that Dave Fischoff has more in common with New Zealand's finest hard-to-peg songwriters such as the brothers Peter and Graeme Jefferies, Alastair Galbraith and godfather of bruised soul Pip Proud, than any of his American brethren. An album of delicate isolationist pop. SC36 $24

DAVE FISCHOFF - "Winston Park" CD
Recorded in Dave's living room over two weeks using a 1/4" Tascam 8-track and one Shure microphone, this album uses Dave's lyrical imagery and story telling ability to enhance the deeply personal music. With the combination of tape letters, found sound, translucent electronics, guitar and voice, the music takes on a life of its own. SC10 $24

JULIE DOIRON - "Heart and Crime" CD
The follow-up to the much acclaimed French-sung Désormais from Canada's Julie Doiron (ex-Eric's Trip). Like her previous records, Heart And relies on naked and minimal arrangements to propel familiar themes of self-doubt, hope, longing and sadness. The tone of intimacy throughout the record is like that which comes after three bottles of wine; a solitary singer with guitar, singing to herself, accompanied only by the sounds coming through the wall. She outpaces contemporaries like Edith Frost, Catpower, Elliot Smith and Beth Orton with her hypnotic and affective power. JAG42 $24

JUNE PANIC - "Horror Vacui" CD
Recorded in Indianapolis over an inspired two-week period with an ensemble cast of enablers and muses, this is June's most ambitious and wholly realized album to date. It's been three years since his last full-length, and June has created an album that serves as a documentation of both the process and the proof of a new awakening. It is an emotional and a spiritual awakening of the grandest sort. SC15 $22

JUNE PANIC - "The Fall of Atom: A Thesis On Entropy" CD
June's 8th full-length is perhaps his most cohesive and catchy record to date. How a man can write such warm songs in such a cold cold world we'll never understand. When he told us this was going to be a short one we took his word on it. But at 66-minutes we're not scared to call him liar. SC09 $24

JUNE PANIC - "Glory Hole" CD
A reissue of June's epic seventh solo album. Originally released as a cassette on June's 3 OUT OF 4 RECORDS in December 1995, it shows a more raw side to June than his previous solo albums or his earlier work with Free Jesse. SC01 $24

SCOUT NIBLETT - "Sweet Heart Fever" CD
The beguiling Scout Niblett of Nottingham offers her debut album, in collaboration with drummer Kristian Goddard. The dreamlike landscape on which the 14 songs are presented has a meandering stream of consciousness feel to it, with conventionally structured songs underscored by a few visceral song fragments that have an unresolved yet wholly intuitive feel to them. Recorded at Chem19 in Glasgow, the harrowing intensity of this album will be a favourite amongst fans of Catpower, PJ Harvey and Songs: Ohia. SC60 $24

SECRETLY CANADIAN RECORDS - "The Unaccompanied Voice: An A Capella Compilation" CD COMP
An album dedicated to a tradition & routine so common to our everyday lives yet so rarely captured to tape. Featuring some of the most distinctive voices in music today, all without instrumental accompaniment including Danielson Famile, Dave Fischoff, the Grifters, David Grubbs, Jandek, the Japonize Elephants, Damien Jurado, Suzanne Langille, Pedro the Lion, Elliot Sharp, Songs: Ohia, Swearing At Motorists as well as the voices behind God Is My Co-Pilot, Modest Mouse, Low, Red House Painters and Two Dollar Guitar. SC07 $24

SONGS: OHIA - "Ghost Tropic" CD
The fifth and most subtle and album-like yet from Jason Molina. Blending electro-acoustic minimalism with percussive worldliness, it's a departure of sorts though fans surely won't complain. More minimal, less country. SC40 $24

SONGS: OHIA - "The Lioness" CD
A dark and sultry record, but not a melancholic one, The Lioness is Jason Molina's 4th and most dynamic album to date. Recorded in Glasgow, with members of Arab Strap, it is, on its exterior, a much darker affair than each of its predecessors. Perhaps it was the Scottish weather and company which gave it such a feel, for at the core of The Lioness, there is a warmth and tenderness unmatched by previous releases. SC30 $24

SONGS: OHIA - "Impala" CD
Impala offers further testament to the songwriting talents of Jason Molina. The 13 tracks contained herein offer a glimpse into the soul of a man burdened with trying to exorcise the demons of life, loss, and subsistence. Paired down to only Jason and Geof Comings for this release, the tracks on Impala are simultaneously the sparsest and most textured yet to be released by the band. SC17 $24

SONGS: OHIA - "Axxess & Ace" CD
Songs: Ohia is Jason Molina. On Axxess & Ace he is assisted by Geof Comings (Party Girls), Michael Krassner (the Lofty Pillars, Boxhead Ensemble, Edith Frost Band), Joe Ferguson (Pinetop Seven), Dave Pavkovic (Boxhead Ensemble), Julie Liu (Rex) and Edith Frost. What resulted was the most full-sounding Songs: Ohia record to date. Liu's aching violin playing with Molina's desperate vocals transport the songs to great depths. SC24 $24

SONGS: OHIA - "Hecla & Griper" CDEP
After a summer on the road Jason Molina and co. headed into the studio and laid down these eight songs. Odes to the love of loss and reggae friends. If you have ever found the other pillow empty in the morning, this is what you need to dry your tears. SC08 $20

SONGS: OHIA - "Songs: Ohia" CD
Albino deer have crept from thick blankets of bayou fog, dusty country roads bear witness to crawling men resembling tattered garbage bags, Civil War remnants pick fragile banjos for the dancing campfire dead. This I have seen yet not one of these glorious sights equals the power of Songs: Ohia. Another offering shall calm the howl from an angry cold winters' night. To a shattered slab of stone on the unforgiving coast of Canada. SC04 $24

SWEARING AT MOTORISTS "This Flag Signals Goodbye" CD
The charismatic duo of singer/songwriter Dave Doughman and drummer Joseph Siwinski brings to mind Twin/Tone-era Replacements and Elvis Costello for their ability to translate their legendarily venomous and soulful live show to record. This is a record that will stand the test of time, a perfect combination of compact stadium rock sing-alongs and lucid love songs that portray a character at the mercy of his own destiny. Sitting nicely next to Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound, Hank Williams Jr's dissertation on how the road and its many appetites can devour one's personal life, it'll only take one listen to be caught by the album's intensity and personal tone. SC68 $24

SWEARING AT MOTORISTS - "Number Seven Uptown" CD
The masters of the rock miniature are back. The gambling men among you will call Number Seven Uptown, a sour relationship album. An emotionally exhausting album that will have you emphathising over Doughman's relationship troubles. Merely a year since their debut full length, the duo deliver another album full of moody rock gems and barbed pop vignettes. Landing somewhere between richard hell's "destiny street", neil young’s "zuma" and the breeder's "pod", this cd finds s@m at their finest. SC32 $24


HOOD - "Cold House" CD
The third label release for Sensory is the 5th studio album from the very prolific UK quartet Hood. Spatial sensibility met with the odd outburst of profound melody, has been sculpted into a sound more confident and cohesive than previous releases. Clicks and scattered beats are sublime and organic, befitting Hood's brooding instrumental aesthetic. This album features collaborations from members of San Francisco's hip hop collective Anticon, and will find good stead with fans of the moody genre eg Mogwai, Movietone, GYBE! and Autechre. SRP008 $24

THE TIGERS - "Christmas Album" CD
This 9-track set finds Perth 5-pice The Tigers in inspirational form, mixing their boyish charms with energy, vibrancy and melodic simplicity, capitalizing on both their subtle & dynamic musical strengths as songwriters and enthusiastic live players. Using their diverse rock palette and feisty lyrics to excess, The Tigers have consolidated their melodic attributes on the near-pop classics and their lengthy instrumental leanings to create some of their finest tunes to date. They took their sweet time to come up with this, but the result is confident sonic temperament and Antipodean aura. See also Tigers in the independents section. SRP011D $22

THE TIGERS - "Remixes" 2CD
19 tracks by Perth quintet The Tigers re-worked, re-interpreted, re-composed and re-directed by a diverse selection of Australian and international artists including David Pajo (Papa M), Turnstyle, Phil Kakulas from The Blackeyed Susans, Lux Mammoth, Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices) and more. Both discs explores the innovation and talent of both The Tigers (with tracks taken from the out-of-print Space Coyote and Death from Above) resulting in a plethora of styles, sounds and sensations, from the organic reworkings by David Pajo & Doug Gillard, to the beat driven slabs-o-sound from Perth newcomers Running From Nothing, Forty Dog and Matt Reeves. See also Tigers in the independents section. SRP005D $26


THE ARROGANTS - "Your Simple Beauty" CDEP
Six gorgeous tracks ranging from mellow shoegaze to fuzzed-out guitarpop. If you need comparisons, we think they fit somewhere between Mojave 3, Field Mice "For Keeps" era, and early Primitives! If you're familiar with Jana's vocal styling from the three Majestic 12 singles, you'll know what to expect here. Lush airy female vocals riding upon clouds of guitar and keyboards. Two of the six songs also include male vocals very reminiscent of Spiritualized. Dreampop is back! Perfect for fans of Red House Painters, Spiritualized and Northern Picture Library. LIFE013 $18

THE AUTOCOLLANTS - "Why Couldn't Things Just Stay The Same?" CD
Get ready for a 13 song re-introduction to what The Autocollants were all about from the past to the present. This release compiles the bands best tracks re-worked, re-mixed and re-mastered by Ed and Jon at NonStopStudios. You'll hear some familiar favorites from their earlier three 7"s and Shelflife's now sold out "Gas Money" cassette, as well as some unreleased and new recordings. A lot of strummy, jangly guitars, dreamy vocals and trumpets galore from the band. For fans of the Cat's Miaow, Go Sailor, Red Sleeping Beauty, New Order, #Poundsign#, Skypark, Slowdive and Laura Watling's numerous other bands. LIFE009 $24

BRITTLE STARS - "Brittle Stars" CD
The debut from Florida's Brittle Stars is definitely not one to miss. Any fan of shoegaze will adore this mix of dreamy female vocals floating upon layers of keyboards and guitars. Noisey enough to please Henry's Dress fans and poppy enough for Stereolab fans. Estelle's gorgeous voice is easily comparable to that of Karolina Club 8, Julia Acid House Kings, Jana Majestic 12 and Annemarie Field Mice. Exquisite taste is shown in every melody, delicate precision in every riff... no wonder, since the members of Brittle Stars also run the premier dreampop label Clairecords! LIFE018 $24

CALL AND RESPONSE - "Rollerskate" 7"
One of Traffic Sounds' favourite artists, Call and Response are boys and girls who play breezy pop music with the use of electronic and analogue instruments. They like classic 60s pop and easy listening sounds. The Beatles, Love, Beach Boys, Sergio Mendez, The Free Design all come to mind. Drawing from these sources, C.A.R. inject their own warmth and creativity to create a whole new audio experience. Call and Response's approach to pop music is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. Their songs reflect the sunny California sunshine and represent a fun and positive approach to music and life in general. From the good-time girl harmonies to the offbeat moog jams, Call and Response are out to make you smile! LIFE019 $10

CHURCHBUILDER - "Pretty Darling" CD
This is the debut album from synthpop sensation Churchbuilder, hailing from Akron, Ohio yet who sounds is reminiscent of Melbourne's own girly pop bands Ninety Nine and the Foots. "Patty Darling" includes nine tracks filled with bubbly synthesizers, jangly guitars and sparkling female vocal harmonies. The album is so upbeat and catchy, you can't help to sing along. LIFE032 $24

LAURA WATLING - "Early Morning Walk" CD
Miss Watling's first full-length album showcases her talents as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The 16 track cd was recorded at home between Aug 99 and Dec 2000, with help from Dwayne Palasek on trumpet. Laura blends her indiepop style and childlike vocals with shoegaze influences to create songs that are dreamy and melodic. The songs vary from short, bouncy tunes to mellow and reflective. Expect layers of guitar, vocal, and keyboard backed by driving drum beats. LIFE033 $24

LAURA WATLING - "What's Your Favourite Color?" 7"
Bedroom pop at its finest! If you're familiar with some of Laura's other projects (The Autocollants, Cartwheel, In A Day, Casino Ashtrays etc), then you know what to expect from this songwriter who has produced some of the best pop songs of the late nineties. "What's Your Favorite Color" is her first offering to the Shelflife catalogue since the demise of The Autocollants. Think sugar-sweetened jangle pop ala Go Sailor and Cat's Miaow, with super catchy riffs and luscious melodies that spin around and around in your head. "One More Way To Amuse Myself" is bound to be the song of the summer! LIFE014 $10

MAJESTIC - "Live It Up" CD
This southern California pop group has experimented with diverse styles of pop music since their inception in 95, releasing a series of singles under the moniker Majestic 12. When lead singer Jana Wittren left the band in 97, the boys reinvented themselves producing a more orchestrated pop sound. This, their first full-length album is a pop masterpiece, mixing the '67 San Fransisco sound with elements of Swedish pop, producing a wall of trumpets, flutes, strings, guitars and vocals. LIFE007 $24

THE MAYBELLINES - "The Maybellines" CDEP
The Maybellines are a four piece pop band from Denver, Colorado and make their debut to Shelflife with this cdep. Eight tracks of sweet girl/boy vocals, bubblegum pop guitars, fuzzy organs and snappy drums. Their songs are light and wonderfully bouncy with just a bit of an edge coz The Maybellines arent afraid to strum their bass guitars. Pay close attention to Julie's lovely voice which at times sounds like a cross between Dominique Durand (Ivy) and Laura Watling. LIFE024 $18

Spain's Moving Pictures make their US debut on Shelflife with this ep. This eight track wonder is filled with Sarah Records-esque bossa pop influenced by Bridge, France Gall, Françoise Hardy, Shoestrings and others. Combining warm, jazzy sounds with sweet, child-like female vocals, its a delightful record that pop kids will fall in love with. LIFE029 $18


RIVER - "Poseidon's Girlfriend" 7"
Raised on early 80s electronic wizardry and inspired by modern pop heroes such as the Field Mice and Blueboy, River is one of France's brightest new stars. His Shelflife debut is a perfect starting point, highlighting some of River's earliest work from his album "Happiness and Smiles". You will be delighted with sounds of the cabaret mixing tender and hushed melodies, bossa guitars and exotic electronics. LIFE022 $10

Shelflife brings you yet another batch of international pop hits spanning the globe, from the US, Japan, UK, Spain, France, Greece, Brazil, Peru and Australia. "Picnic Basket" features 19 tracks, with some new faces, some old standards, the perfect soundtrack to keep you happy, smiling and clapping your hands in delight all throughout the year. LIFE020 $24

"You Make Me Smile" is the perfect starting point for the budding Shelflife collector as well as a treat for those who are already well acquainted with the label. The compilation highlights some of the new faces to Shelflife this year as well as old favorites from the past. 21 tracks in all, featuring upbeat Euro pop that leans heavily towards the bounce of gleeful energy. Standouts are found in the 60s swing of Majestic and the Palm Songwriters, the dreamy delight of Brittle Stars and the Arrogants, and the uppity antics of the Shermans, Laura Watling, and Los Fresones Rebeldes. Mostly consisting of female-fronted indie sophistication, You Make Me Smile is a sure collection of pleasant pop that rarely features a glum moment! LIFE010 $24

THE SHERMANS - "Falling Out of Love" CDEP
The Shermans are back with a new ep entitled "Falling Out Of Love," a co-release between Shelflife Records and California's Sky Blue Records. The ep features five brand new tracks recorded in late 2000/early 2001. The title song "Falling Out Of Love" is from their forthcoming album "Happiness is Toy Shaped", to be released on Shelflife later this year. The other four tracks are exclusive to this release. LIFE034 $18

"Casual" features 18 tracks recorded from 1997-1999, just prior to their "In Technicolor" album. Each song is filled with fresh guitar pop encompassing jazz, soft rock, and 60s Motown into a seamless mix of timeless classics. Some songs feature the band's original vocalist, Torbjorn Thorsen, who is now a member of Sweden's spectacular Aerospace. Originally released in Japan (on the Quince label), the Shelflife re-release includes one bonus track not found on previous releases. LIFE031 $24 [traffic sounds recommended]

THE SHERMANS - "In Technicolor" CD
The Shermans make their debut to Shelflife with this gorgeous pop masterpiece. Eleven hits spanning influences from early motown and sixties girl groups to the native swedepop sound - upbeat, elegant and jazzy! It's a record to keep the spring and summer months swinging. The group includes Mikael Matsson (of Red Sleeping Beauty fame), Benno's Christer Nilsson and new vocalist, Ingela Karlsson. LIFE025 $24

SOUVENIR - "Souvenir" CDEP
Shelflife brings you the exquisite debut of Spanish trio Souvenir. Six delicious slices of pop sung in French just to remind us that the spirit of Françoise Hardy, France Gall and Jane Birkin is still alive in many different ways, making more sense than ever, and shining with the colour and shimmer of the Spring of 1969. Being their first record, it's astonishing how Souvenir manage to convey both their vindication of French as the language of pop and an unmistakable way of living and understanding music. A charismatic attitude full of tenderness, melancholy, gentleness, irony, naivety, wickedness that gently wraps around each and every one of their songs. LIFE021 $18

SUSHI - "The Quiet Spaces Between Houses" CD
Oakland's Sushi make their debut to Shelflife with their first long player. Eleven tracks of international pop, full of lush orchestral sounds, ultra jazzy guitars, warm hammond organ and superb drumming; all coupled with a brooding lyrical bent. Their singer, Nancy, has a vocal style mixing Frida from Sweden's Cinnamon and St. Etienne's Sarah Cracknell. Good for fans of Tokyo's Neo-Acoustic music scene or Echo and the Bunnymen and Prefab Sprout. LIFE028 $24

SWEET WILLIAM - "World of Books" CD
With a catalogue of releases on Matinée, Twee Kitten and Library Records, they make their debut on Shelflife with their first full length. Feathery, but not timid boy/girl vocals, sprinkled with strings and handsome harmonies mix with Sarah Records-esque twee pop and hints of beats and electronica a la Stereolab. The CD is a collection of their final recordings made in 1998. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth for pretty pop and a drum machine, along the lines of Field Mice and the Smiths. LIFE012 $24


CODY - "Stillpoint Primer" CD
Highly recommended debut from Oxford-based 4 piece, CODY. A massive progression from the bands previous releases on Shifty Disco & Shinkansen, Stillpoint Primer has a fondness for both the motorised dynamics of post-rock and the exhilarating effects of pop music, rejecting pointless experimental widdling in favour of attention-grabbing, genre-trashing, silver-plated pulse-pop. You get even greater value because this disc also contains a multimedia cd-rom section! Good for fans of Cocteau Twins, Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine, Air and Kraftwerk. SHINK29 $24

FOSCA - "Supine on the Astroturf" CDEP
Fosca are the band fronted by the legendary Dickon Edwards, formerly of Orlando & Sarah Records artists Shelley. This marvellous, brand new, 3-track ep is produced by Ian Catt and features possibly the first pop song to consider the temptations of outraging small-town decencies by committing public acts of love on artificial turf as an alternative to school swimming lessons! Packaged in a card wallet with insert & lyric sheet and the full-colour artwork was designed by London-based Japanese artist Chiwawa. SHINK32 $10

FOSCA - "On Earth To Make The Numbers Up" CD
This is the debut album from Fosca, the latest project from Dickon Edwards, ex-Orlando and Sarah Records band Shelley. The focus of any Fosca release will always be Dickon's inimitable words, which succeed in mixing heartfelt emotion with bitter humour and cutting observation. This album moves from the dancefloor friendly via Blueboy-esque guitar shimmers to the somberly anthemic. Musical reference points might be The Smiths, Kraftwerk, The Field Mice, Air and St Etienne; literary reference points would include Oscar Wilde, Quentin Crisp and Ivor Cutler. SHINK26 $24

Harvey Williams made his first recordings over ten years ago as Another Sunny Day, one of the most popular bands on the Sarah label. Harvey also played guitar for The Field Mice and Blueboy and plays live and on record with The Trembling Blue Stars. Keyboard based with cello, clarinet, violin, flute and flugelhorn, the first track features Amelia Fletcher (Marine Research / Heavenly).Good for fans of the The Beach Boys, High Llamas or even Ben Folds Five! SHINK16 $18

MONOGRAPH - "Lorelei" CD
Monograph are a 4 piece from North London based around singer songwriter and guitarist Rob Crutchley. 'Lorelei', their 16 track debut album features the recent single plus new versions of their first two singles recorded for a Peel session. Described as a more raucous Guided By Voices, Fanclub, Lemonheads perhaps - the album is far more multi dimensional than the singles, there's a strong acoustic element and in many places a distinct Country twang is evident. SHINK21 $24

PACIFIC RADIO - "Pacific Radio" CD
Pacific Radio is the new name for Monograph, the North London guitar-band led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Crutchley. Musically this album sees a return to the pure pop thrash of the early Monograph singles, with their production and arrangement skills honed to razor edges. Despite the songs' brevity, there is a magnificent intricacy and multi-layering of instruments, with Rob now much more confident on vocals. "Classic" guitar-pop bands like Teenage Fanclub and Guided By Voice would still be obvious reference points, but Pacific Radio seem to have a newfound freshness and lightness of touch which lift them far above their peers. SHINK27 $18

This is a specially packaged, very affordable compilation, containing 19 tracks selected from the entire back-catalogue thus far, in order to properly introduce you to this wonderful English label, which emerged out of the ashes of the legendary Sarah Records. Highlights include the first appearance on cd of the long-deleted original 7" versions of Trembling Blue Stars' Abba On The Jukebox and Doo-Wop Music (which wasn't included on the subsequent album), and tracks from the first two long-gone eps by Tompot Blenny, Monograph, Blueboy and Fosca. Fans of the Sarah Records compilations will certainly appreciate the familiar cover artwork, brief historical notes and very pretty looking digipak. SHINK24 $15

TOMPOT BLENNY - "Found Under Blankets" CD
Debut mini-album from the Nottingham based Tompot Blenny, who released two of the first five releases on Shinkansen in 96, and promptly disappeared without trace. Now expanded to a 3-piece, their sound has developed greatly over the years. Some tracks still have the haunting acoustic qualities of earlier works, while others are full of tense, edgy, angular, stipped-down electric guitars. SHINK28 $18

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - "Alive to Every Smile" CD
Alive to Every Smile is the fourth album from UK heartbreakers Trembling Blue Stars and guitarist and singer/songwriter Bobby Wratten continues to seamlessly blend exquisitely wrought and emotionally charged lyrics with a penchant for musical experimentation that effectively straddles the seemingly yawning chasm between Aphex Twin and The Jam. Recording as a full band for the first time has made a huge difference, making their sound richer, broader and more emotive than ever, and it would not be untoward to say its their finest to date. The album comes packaged in a 6-page colour booklet with full lyric sheet and stunning artwork. SHINK33 $24 [traffic sounds recommended]

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - "Broken By Whispers" CD
The finest release from TBS to date, and the first as a trio with the addition of former Field Mice members Michael Hiscock and Annemari Davies. This is a lush, multi textural affair bringing to mind Spiritualized and 'Regret' era New Order. A classic pop album from mainman Bob Wratten formerly from seminal tweepop band The Field Mice. SHINK22 $24

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - "She Just Couldn't Stay" CDEP
New 4 song cd from Bob Wratten and Co, formerly of The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library. It features the Sub Slop album track "She Just Couldn't Stay", plus two exclusive new songs: the hypnotic, cello-led "Find Her Gone", and the acoustic, atmospheric "Smoke And Steam". The closer "Where Norfolk Meets Lincolnshire", an effects-heavy instrumental remix of "Her World Beneath the Waves" from the "Dark Eyes" release. SHINK23 $10

SHINK20 $10

Conceived to help Bobby Wratten (ex-Field Mice) to forget a failed relationship, this whole album is one of the most sincere, raw confessions in today's pop music and haunting voclas floating upon mellow and meandering instrumentals. SHINK3 $24


BLOCK WATCH CAPTAIN - "Golden Stations" CD
2 brothers from Kansas City get together to make neurotic, alcohol-laden music. A cross between Neil Young and Syd Barret and acid, this music scrambles and recycles the brain. Derek Richey from Brando is noted with various remixes here. BW1-TGS $15

BRANDO - "The Headless Horseman is a Preacher" CD
Brando's latest release is as musically diverse as ever and their strongest to date. With songwriting credits from nearly every main player in the band, it is an amalgomation of styles and themes that traverse their mid-western American landscape. This is a fine album that showcases the band's ability to write and play to the strengths of the 4track with so much going on this album, first with the addition of the Smokeylung Orchestra who've provided the extra touch on the melancholy feel of Derek Richey's dreampop vocals and wonderful lyrics. Fans of Galaxie 500, the Feelies and the dreamier, more psychedelic side of Elephant 6 pop will like this! B3-HPP $15

BRANDO - "Peacocks on Linen" CD
Dark, haunting pop that might not always be so easy to come to terms with, but one you appreciate for a lot longer. Says IndieMusic.com, "there is a great deal of strength to this record, it's very decisive in nature and intention. These songs are brimming with confidence, wit and whimsy, while maintaining integrity and a sense of sad seriousness". B2-POL $15

BRANDO - "The Adder" CD
This is a collection of songs taken from the 1997-99 era of Brando's vast back catalogue. Despite using only a 4 track, or perhaps in spite of it, Brando manage to sway you with layers upon layers of shimmery guitars with Derek's distinctive psychpop vocals to create something that is playful, quirky and complex. It's a bit all over the place with the ethereal and ballady pop then leaping onto something much more stronger and bolder and then back again. B1-ADD $15

DER JASON - "It Don't Show" CD
Brando's Derek Richey gets together with his little brother Jason from NC to devise a super-odd hip-hop-indie rock blend. A very limited release that aches with psychedelia. D1-IDS $15

FINN - "Finn" CD
Says Splendid ezine -- Finn Swigley’s new self-titled release is about the disconnection of being in a new place, and it works. Recorded on a four-track in Seattle in 1996 and 1997, the songs speak of the loneliness of having just moved to a new town. The happy news is that he left Seattle, moved back home to Indiana, spent some time collaborating with June Panicand now, even more happily, he’s released this quiet, lovely CD documenting his time of darkness. F1-0ST $15


AIRBORNE VIRUS RECORDS - "19 Ways to Avoid the Draft" CD COMP
A lovely compilation of music leaning on the side of droney featuring Like Millions, Electroscope, Steward, Ms Black, Static Films, Fed Cast and the Spiders from mars, Empress, Woman, Nylon Coated Cats, Gang Wizard, Halkyn, Karina ESP, Monera, [minmae], Drekka, Clouddead, Moral Crayfish & Seaworthy. AV009 $15

DARREN HANLON - "Video Store" 7"
Following hot on the heels of his successful debut cd-ep, Early Days, on Candle Records, Darren has recorded two great songs for this single. Video Party Sleepover is a rockin' pop song and finds Darren at his catchy best. The single is backed with an alternate version of Video Store (that originally appeared on Early Days) featuring guest backing vocals by Lee Hillam of Sea Life Park. Full colour sleeve put together by Darren himself! SCAM9809 $8

The Dearhunters feature members of the Clouds, Verys and You Am I and their track is beautifully sparse and emotive, made even more delightful by the finest female voice in Sydney of Jodi Philis. The Hired Guns' song provides an ideal complement with its moody, meandering country feel. SCAM9804 $8

HELIGOLAND - "Along the Snowline" 7"
Following quickly on the heels of their debut 7-inch, Melbourne's Heligoland deliver what is possibily the finest moment on Steady Cam. The two tracks here float beautifully along on sparse instrumentation and Karen's stunning vocals that will warm even the most chilly mid-winter soul. Packaged with the same care as their last single, Along the snowline comes in an individually numbered, gatefold sleeve. Limited to 300 copies, this single is sure to sell out fast. SCAM9814 $9 [listen]

HELIGOLAND - "Separate" 7"
Debut vinyl release from sublime Melbourne outfit who have been seducing audiences with their ethereal and mesmerizing sound. Featuring sparse instrumentation and beautiful soaring female vocals, Heligoland are certain to establish themselves as one of Australia's best up and coming bands. SCAM9811 $9 [traffic sounds recommended]

LifeLike Records presents a wide array of new and previously established acts proving that the Pixies not only influenced grunge and "alternative" but also artists playing electronica, alt-country, lo-fi, gothic, and other eclectic styles, examples of which are represented on this cd — a collection of covers very much unfaithful to the original sound. VIDA1 $15

A split release from two young bands who have now adopted Sydney as their home. According to Sadness is in the Sky, the Rebel Astronauts provide a track that is smooth and inviting with a brittle edge before it slips up and into melancholy contemplation. Purplene frolic through pastures more aligned to the likes of Sea and Cake, Little General and Tortoise on their offering, the snare drums pitter patering and a sweet simples guitar structure making for some altogether embracable listening. SCAM9808 $8

SEAWORTHY - "It's Humbling When Two Saints Meet" CD
After a series of 7-inch singles and compilation appearances, Sydney outfit Seaworthy finally release their debut album, It's Humbling When Two Saints Meet. The album contains 10 tracks blending intricate guitar strumming with melancholic keyboards and warm drones. Primarily the work of Cameron Webb from pop group Twelve24, the band is also Recorded mostly at home during the winter of 2001, the album is sure to impress those with a love for lo-fi instrumentals. SCAMCD002 $20

STEADY CAM RECORDS - "A Very Steady Christmas" 7"
Who doesn't love Christmas? All the rushing around before the holidays start and trying to think of the perfect gift for your friends and family. And then spending the next 364 days of the year anticipating whats to come. Why not relive that christmas cheer with this is a very special single? Even those not so into the festive spirit will dig these four great Christmas inspired tracks from 4 beaut bands. Encased in a fabo sleeve, it's also a bit of an exclusive, having previously been only available from the jolly Steady Cam xmas parties and the Steady Cam website only. SCAM9812 $8 [traffic sounds recommended]

TWELVE24 - "Traveller" CDEP
The first cd release from Steady Cam. This 5 track ep features blend of upbeat jangly pop with more subdued and melancholic moments. Stepping on from their first mini album All in Focus, twelve24 have pulled back on the noisey guitars for a quieter result. Like their recent contribution to the split with Bettie Serveert, these songs are sure to strike a chord with those looking for some great pop to brighten their day. SCAMCD001 $12

This single marks the first appearance of an international band on Steady Cam! Dutch band Bettie Serveert contribute a beautiful mellow song featuring the wonderful vocals of Carol van Dyk. The flipside is provided by Australia's twelve24 who offer a sweet and catchy pop song. SCAM9807 $8


NYMB - "So, This Is How It Is" CD
SSM003 $20

RED SHIRT BRIGADE - "Mock Election and the Post Selection" CDEP
4 very talented and ambitious boys from Detroit, greatly influenced by the pop scene from the area and Chicago postrockers The Sea and Cake and Tortoise. SSM001 $12

THIS IS ADELAIDE - "This Is Adelaide" CDEP
6 songs from the now-defunct best band in Michigan. Recorded by Ken Sluiter at Chicago's King Size Sound. Best listened to on headphones. SSM002 $8

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