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ADEN - "Hey 19" CD
Aden's sound is quiet guitar pop with Jeff Gramm's quite endearing and most beautiful voice. These 12 new tracks forms an extension to their sound, yet this is still gorgeous, quiet guitar pop, following from their wondrous 2nd album, Black Cow. Includes a lovely reworking of Australia's own indiepop band, Nice. Produced by Dave Trumfio and featuring a few guest musicians (members of Aluminum Group and the Coctails) as well. For fans of Seam, Magnetic Fields and the Smiths. TEENBEAT286 $24

ADEN - "Black Cow" CD
One of the best albums i've heard in ages, this sophomore effort from Washington DC band Aden was recorded by the legendary Trevor Holland and captures all that is good about the band. From Jeff Gramm's exquisite and haunting vocals to Kevin Barker's amazingly intricate guitar work and Josh Klein's subtle drumming, this album offers 12 tracks of sheer pop delight that can also make you cry. Get it now. TEENBEAT266 $24 [traffic sounds recommended] [listen]

FLIN FLON - "Boo-Boo" CD
Their 2nd and final album, this will have your head spinning, wondering how anything can be so amazing! The drumming on this records will send you out of control. More of Mark Robinson's (Teenbeat chief, ex-Air Miami, Unrest) jangling guitar antics backed by the most amazingly tight rhythm section in the history of music. Also in the band is Matt Datesman from True Love Always & Nattles from Cold Cold Hearts fame. Rhythm-centric, bass dominated grooves. Think Joy Division meets Unrest? TEENBEAT274 $24

Phenomenal stuff from Mark Robinson (Unrest, Air Miami, etc.) and friends. Now departed, this band blazed through 2 albums and several singles all in the blink of an eye, and now we're left with only some amazingly legendary music. Mark Robinson's trademark vocal stylings and light-speed jangle strum accompanied by more intricate guitars and the highlight - amazing drum riffs from a trained jazz drummer. This is a tremendous album that everyone should own! TEENBEAT252 $22

HOT PURSUIT - "The Thrill Department" CD
Teenbeat supergroup, formed from members of Tuscadero and Blast off Country Style, this trio brings us their 10-song debut of excellent classic pop songs, perhaps sounding like the Velvet Underground, The Fall, Scrawl, & Sleater Kinney, all rolled into one. Produced by Mark Robinson, fans of sweet girly pop should look this way. TEENBEAT289 $24

TRUE LOVE ALWAYS - "Spring Collection" CD
TLA has been rocking the indie-pop crowd for since 1997 with their own original brand of bossanova inspired indiepop. On Spring Collection, they've gathered tracks from their previous 3 albums, 5 eps and countless compilation appearances on this exciting 17-track selection. Also includes a few previously unreleased gems, including cover versions of Containe's "Shy Song" and the crowd pleaser "September" by Earth Wind & Fire. Minimalist pop at its finest, great for fans of Unrest, Belle and Sebastian and the Delgados. TEENBEAT309 $24

Torch offers bright, sparse pop in true Teen Beat style; blushingly honest love songs that bob and drift along sunny melodies with almost an updated '70s AM radio feel. Like a beachside answer to Belle & Sebastian, True Love Always writes songs that are intimate and bittersweet while never being sticky or cloying and keeps their instrumentation spare enough to hear the space between the notes. With Mark Robinson as a guiding hand, comparisons to Unrest are inevitable, but certainly not an insult as both bands handcraft their sweet, earnest pop music and deliver it to the listener personally, so says AMG. Fans of minimalist pop bands such as the Delgados and Revolutionary Hydra simply must tune into this band! TEENBEAT299 $24 [traffic sounds recommended]

Almost all new and exclusive songs in the latest edition of the hot and very reasonably priced sampler series! Tracks from Butch Willis, Jonny Cohen & Pete, the Rondelles, Bells of, True Love Always, Hot Pursuit, The Long Goodbye (Melissa of Tuscadero), Flin Flon, hollAnd, Aden, and Teenbeat head honcho Mark Robinson. Add to that four rare secret tracks! Excellent value and a wonderful introduction to the one of the older and most popular indie labels in the world! TEENBEAT311 $13

Another great edition in the sampler series, featuring more great tracks from Teenbeat's stable of indierock heartthrobs. Tracks from Panax, Aden, The Rondelles, Flin Flon, Phil Krauth, Sharky Favorite, True Love Always, Hot Pursuit, Johnny Cohen and co, Butch Willis & D Flat, Mark Borthwick/hollAnd, The Still, and Versus. There's just no excuse now not to get acquainted with the legendary Teenbeat label. TEENBEAT291 $13

Featuring many exclusive tracks from the humongous Teenbeat family, including Tuscadero, Johnny Cohen & the Vulture Trio, K-Stars, True Love Always, Flin Flon, Versus, The Feminine Complex, The Rondelles, Scaley Andrew, Robert Schipul, Andrew Beaujon, Evelyn and Viva Satellite. It's cheap, tasty and so good for you! TEENBEAT251 $13


764-HERO - "Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere" CD
Seattle indierock classicists 764-Hero dish out another hypnotizing dose of their innovative brand of rock, as the follow up to the much praised Weekends of Sound (Up Records). Their fourth full length, this was recorded with Phil Ek (Built to Spill, Modest Mouse) and it adds yet another brilliant album to their already impressive body of work. TS020 $24

THE ALBUM LEAF - "One Day I'll Be On Time" CD
The Album Leaf is the moniker under which Tristeza guitarist Jimmy LaValle explores musical ideas that do not fit into the scope of Tristeza. One Day I'll Be On Time shows Jimmy at his most intimate and personal, highlighting his transition from seminal hardcore (being a former member of Crimson Heart, Swing Kids & The Locust) to instrumental poetry. The music ranges from extremely ambient guitar pieces to up tempo, danceable electronica and everything in between. Tons of keyboards, drum samples, thick basslines and acoustic guitar add layers upon layers to Jimmy's initial ideas. Lot's of open room recording gives the record a very sincere and genuine feel. Fans of Boards of Canada should definitely pick this up. TS011 $24

It's been two years since the last album of new material from Austin's American Analog Set. Hot on the heels of their recent singles compilation (Trance Syndicate) and 7" (Tiger Style), the band returns with 12 beautiful tracks that will soothe you into a blissful state of musical euphoria. Amanset continue where The Golden Band left off - the band has opted for shorter, instantly delightful & poppier tracks as opposed to the band's early days of cosmic jams and loops. Any album with an opening track called "Punk As Fuck" has got to be great, right? TS018 $24 [traffic sounds recommended]

AMERICAN ANALOG SET - "New Equation" 7"
This 7" is just a teaser for the forthcoming full-length Know By Heart, slated to release on September 4th. The band's 4th full-length is also their most accomplished as witnessed by the two lovely tracks on this 7". Although the band has abandoned much of the swirly, psych sounds of their trademark farfisa, they have made up for the lack of organs with an abundance of catchy hooks, soothing vocals and soft yet rhythmic drums. Gone are the days of ten-minute jams. Rather, these Austin kids now pack enough pop sensibility into a three minute tune to make even the crappy wanna be boy bands turn their heads. TS021 $10

CONVOCATION OF... - "Pyramid Technology" CDEP
Sophomore record from these Baltimore rockers featuring Tonie Joy (Moss Icon, Born Against, Universal Order of Armageddon, etc.), Guy Blakeslee (Behind Closed Doors) and a kick ass drummer named George. '60s metal psychedelic guitars (a la Blue Cheer) meets modern punk rock. TS019 $20

HER SPACE HOLIDAY - "Manic Expressive" CD
Over a year in the making, Manic Expressive is richer in electronic soundscapes and orchestral arrangements than any previous HSH release. The album is able to adeptly combine soothing vocal deliveries with experimental IDM, drum 'n bass and ambient electronica in a way that very few artists have been able to accomplish. If you enjoy the classic shoegaze meets futuristic pop sounds of Radiohead and Sydney's Ides of Space, then you'll certainly enjoy her space holiday's latest offering. TS017 $24

HER SPACE HOLIDAY - "Home Is Where You Hang Yourself" 2CD
Disc 1 contains 10 new tracks that ride the spectrum from loopy guitar chords to electronic drum 'n bass beats coupled with the consistent sounds of soothing, ethereal vocals in the vein of American Analog Set and Bedhead. Disc 2 represents Marc Bianchi at his most electronic. This remix-only CD consists of Marc reworking tracks by Bright Eyes, Duster, Micromars, Aspera Ad Astra and more. Experimenting with a greater variety of programmed beats and samples, this double CD set will surprise fans of his bedroom pop sounds as well as the followers of organic, electronic music. TS007 $29

IDA - "The Braille Night" CD
Recorded during the 'Will You Find Me Sessions' yet somewhat darker and much more personal to the band. Haunting, minimalist, and breathtakingly beautiful, The Braille Night captures Ida in its most personal light. With 10 songs ranging from electric rockers to quiet acoustic songs and ambient drone instrumentals, this is possibly the most adventurous and intimate Ida recording yet. A must for fans of Low, Retsin & Red House Painters. TS012 $24

IDA - "Will You Find Me" CD
Remember all those rumors about some mysterious Ida album that was supposed to be released on Capitol Records? Well this is it! 14 new tracks with guest appearances from members of Retsin, His Name Is Alive and P-Fun. On this album, Ida have created music that will move even the most stoic and un-interested listener as the sheer beauty of their chords and melodies rain down upon the ears like a thunderstorm in April. TS005 $24

K. - "New Problems" CD
Debut full-length from Karla Schickele (Ida, ex-Beekeeper). Guest appearances from Tara Jane O'Neil & Cynthia Nelson (Retsin), members of Ida and more make this album a gem for fans of Karla-penned Ida classics. TS016 $24

THE LETTER E - "The No. 5ive Long Player" CD
With No. 5ive Long Player, the band takes its groove based sound in a different direction with the help of recording guru Bob Weston, who also added a little trumpet into the mix. The songs are far more elaborate than their debut EP, as the band spent countless hours writing and rehearsing the material before entering the studio. Perhaps one of the most interesting elements of No. 5ive Long Player is the intricate duelling guitars played by Curtis Harvey and Sean Meadows. TS009 $24

THE LETTER E - "The Letter E" CDEP
The Letter E features Curtis Harvey (Rex, Pullman), Josh Matthews (Blue Man Group), Sean Meadows (June of 44, Lungfish, Sonora Pine, and Boondoggle) and Enis Sefersah, who wrote and recorded this EP in 1997. This EP contains 4 beautiful instrumental tracks reminiscent of Tristeza, Mogwai, Rex, as well as the musicians' other projects. TS001 $18


LIBRANESS - "Yesterdays... And Tomorrow's Shells" CD
Debut solo record from Ash Bowie, formerly of Polvo and Helium fame. These tracks were recorded sporadically over the past seven years and represent a more avant-garde representation of Ash's earlier days with Polvo. The result is an album full of Ash's signature Polvoisms: off-time, distorted guitar jams, cool-as-ice vocals, and intricate song structures. As a cohesive unit, it is really difficult to pinpoint the right genre or sound that Libraness fits in to. Then again, that's what made Polvo so special. TS004 $24

The tracks presented (4 from each) are a cohesive and comprehensive documentation of yesteryear's underground and tomorrow's new sound. Don't expect the signature Kinks-esque sounds of The Lilys' more recent recordings or the krautrockish experimentalism of the band's "Bliss Out" album on Darla. Rather, these songs symbolise the indie pop side to The Lilys, filled with dream pop soundscapes and soft, distanced vocals. Aspera Ad Astra's 4 tracks represent a remarkable progression from the band's debut album. While their debut leaned more in the direction of ethereal spacerock, these 4 tracks flaunt Aspera's divergent musical influences and capabilities. From '60s pop to Kid Silver-esque rock to a style all their own, Aspera Ad Astra are hitting the new millennium with a whole new sound. Complicated song structures built on catchy bass lines, classic guitar licks, experimental electronics and thoughtful lyrics. TS002 $24

LOW / K. - "Those Girls" CDEP
Split CDEP featuring Duluth slo-core rockers LOW and NYC's k., also known as Karla Schickele of Ida and ex-Beekeeper fame. This split contains two exclusive tracks from Low including a reworked version of their classic Sub Pop cut, 'Venus'. k. offers two new tracks including a gorgeous remix by Warn Defever His Name is Alive. TS015 $18 [listen]

THE MERCURY PROGRAM - "All The Suits Began To Fall Off" CDEP
Florida's Mercury Program have ditched the vocals temporarily for this 5 song/30 minute instrumental affair. With the addition of a new member, this EP reflect the band's comfort as a 4 piece, and are musically more textured than previous releases. Tom Reno's guitars are loopy and sprawling while Sander Travisano's bass lines ground the band somewhere in the country between rock, blues and jazz. Vibes and keys take a prominent role and there is the first time addition of cello into a Mercury Program song. TS013 $20

THE MERCURY PROGRAM - "From the Vapor of Gasoline" CD
Sophomore album from Florida's The Mercury Program. Produced by Andy Baker (Macha, Japancakes, Mendoza Line), this album is a true gem. 10 tracks of angular guitars, jazz-induced drums, rhythmic bass, and ethereal vibraphones. TS003 $24

Jersey City's Rye Coalition have recorded an epic new record entitled On Top which is a tongue-in-cheek tour de force of imagination, creativity, slapstick humour, and red-blooded American rock and roll. Recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago, this 10 track rock-a-thon will appeal to fans of Tight Bro's, AC/DC, and The Champs. Rated 8.2 out of 10 by Pitchforkmedia high praise indeed! TS023 $24

TRISTEZA - "Mixed Signals" CD
Contains remixes of classics off the 'Dream Signals in Full Circles' album. Some gorgeous interpretations of Tristeza songs by the likes of Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins/Bella Union), Randomnumber (ex-Hood), Marumari, Styrofoam (Morr Music recording artist), Windy & Carl, Sientific American and more. The tracks represent a broad range of electronic styles from ambient/ethereal soundscapes to IDM to experimental breakbeats. Although Tristeza themselves never really delved into electronic music as a band, their soothing brand of instrumental rock is lauded by fans of more electronic based musicians as well as traditional rock critics. TS014 $24

TRISTEZA - "Dream Signals in Full Circles" CD
Nine new tracks by San Diego's beloved quintet. More rhythmic and less guitar-centric than previous efforts, this one is sure to please. Recorded by Dave Trumfio at Kingsize in Chicago, this album expands the band's signature sound with heavier bass sounds, more vibrant keyboard/ synthesizer effects and the guitar and violin assistance from Bobby Conn and his bandmates. Right from the opening track, the listener is instantly enveloped by the music's gentle warmth, immaculate charm and stunning intricacies. If pedigree is important, then we'll have you know that members of Tristeza have also served time in bands like Crimson Curse, The Locust, Swing Kids, Gogogo Airheart, Album Leaf and more. TS010 $24


TOP QUALITY ROCK AND ROLL - "Patty Duke Fanzine Issue #3" w/ 7"
A whole zine dedicated to former teen sensation, Patty Duke, which reprints vintage articles from all stages of her career and life. Well researched! Better yet is the awesome double 7" that comes with it! It contains 6 wonderful songs by rockin' girl groups the Chubbies, the Hissyfits, Gore Gore Girls, the Beautys, Slumber Party, Tourister, and Melbourne's own Bidston Moss performing their best Patty covers. PDFZ3 $15


A musical reminder of the seasons past in the form of a beautiful split single featuring two Melbourne bands, Deloris and Braving the Seabed, formerly from Perth. These two tracks are previously unreleased and are exclusive to this single, a joint effort between Sydney's Steady Cam Records and Traffic Sounds. Recorded by Simon Struthers (Adam Said Galore, Mukaizake) in Perth, each track etches a picture of late Autumn beauty coloured by warm pastoral overtones, and is limited to 300 copies. Only a few left!. BEEP1 $8


Beautiful pop songs with the feel of Velvet Underground and the Beach Boys. They even throw in a little Phil Spector, and nice perfumed paper for the sleeves! VIS03 $9

COSIGNER - "Soft Drowsy Song" 7"
Sing-along melodies, obtuse lyrics, miscelleanous toys and trademark handclaps. In the lo-fi pop tradition of Pavement and Guided By Voices. VIS04 $9 [traffic sounds recommended]

Side A features Matt's droney acoustic guitar accompanied by an old Hammond organ. Side B has Cosigner's delightful and wonderfully arranged pop hit "Hills for the Dust". Smells really nice too. VIS01 $9

Moody rock from San Diego. Dissonant songs in the vein of Unwound and Jehu, unstoppable rhythms and lots of melody. VIS02 $9


AT SEA - "Listening to Some other Songs About That" CD
A big sound and raw spirit from this Melbourne-based acoustic trio. Augmenting the band with strings and a horn section sometimes sees the sound wander in the direction of early Velvets and Mingus-styled free form. Alas comparisons of the 'sound' nature are futile as ultimately their music is quite unique - a hybrid of many genres - try and pick 'em all. UAR025 $20

BIRD BLOBS - "Stihl Life" CD
The latest project for Tim Evans (ex-Sea Scouts), Bird Blobs are heavier, dirtier and darker. 'Stihl Life' is a concept album of sorts - 8 songs drawing on observations of characters that are just wrong, - inbred aesthetic and odd rural behaviour are common themes. An album that subtly reminds the listener that the origin of rock music doesn't lie in hairstyles, but rather should tip its hat at least somewhere in the direction of the blues. Strip this album back to just the words and a beaten up acoustic and you could have a lost Howlin' Wolf record, but leave it as it is.... and you've got a most powerful and disturbing album. UAR026 $20

LOVE OF DIAGRAMS - "The Target Is You" CD
Melbourne trio Love Of Diagrams have rapidly earned a reputation as one of the most energetic, dynamic and urgent bands in town. This is no-wave indie rock on massive uppers - stuttering, crunching down-strokes of guitar, nasty slithering fuzz-bass and breakneck drumming with irresistible bounce. No vocals, just perfectly crafted duelling melodies, intertwining rhythms and hooks everywhere. Daring to be catchy, fun and concise, Love of Diagrams cannily avoid instrumental cliché by maintaining a post-punk abrasiveness that constantly threatens to tip over into full-blown brutality. Get it and I guarantee by the end of the week you'll be the best bedroom dancer in town. UAR027 $20 [traffic sounds recommended]

THE NIGHT TERRORS - "The Night Terrors" CDEP
Forming in Melbourne in 2000, The Night Terrors make an impact with their forceful and uncompromising sound. A guitar-less instrumental trio consisting of drums, bass, synth and theremin, the Terrors' mix of heavy progressive stylings and 80s pop sensibility has gained them enthusiastic support from fans and radio alike. This 6 track debut captures candidly the frenetic pace of their live shows. UAR021 $12

RICAINE - "Urbanity" CD
With Ricaine disbanding in 2001, Urbanity is the classic 'lost album' having sat on the shelf for more than 2 years whilst the band decided on the merits of releasing it. Fortunately they thought it best to get it out there and whilst we may not get another chance to witness them live here is the next best thing. 7 songs that run the full spectrum of everything they stood for during their existence. Urbanity sees them deliver the punch and impact you'd expect over the first 5 songs, and then for the album's closing half we see a darker, brooding band perhaps coming to terms with their eminent demise. Brilliant and honest, Urbanity is the perfect swansong for one of Australia's finest bands. UAR020 $20

SANDRO - "Christmas" CDEP
Sandro have sadly decided to call it a day, however they've fortunately left us with a killer e.p. to go out on... their sixth release - Christmas. Four amazing songs that make the news that they've broken up even harder to deal with. From the rocking title track through the remaining Sandro stamped slower tracks, Christmas pretty much defines their ability to write incessantly simple catchy songs. This e.p., like all their releases just gets better and better the more you listen to it. UAR023 $9

A collection of mainly unreleased and rare tracks from around the Melbourne scene - 42 Tracks packed over two themed discs. At the end of 2003, 42 Australian artists contributed music toward a benefit cd designed to raise awareness and also funds for the hospital crisis in Iraq. All proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to non-government organisations working in Iraq to deliver medical and hospital supplies in cooperation with the Victorian Peace Network. Featuring the talents of Grand Salvo, Love of Diagrams, The Sinking Citizenship, Fur, Little Ugly Girls, The Nation Blue, Sandro, The Bird Blobs and No Through Road. UAR032 $15

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