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BIDSTON MOSS - "A Nice Lie Down" CD
The second full length from this awesome Melbourne pop band kicks off with sugarcoated bitterness, but mellows out considerably throughout the record. Consistently catchy, lyric driven pop songs with delightful harmonies from Beth and Christine make for a great album. Recommended if you dig Twelve24, Bruna or Dressy Bessy. MOSS3 $20 [traffic sounds recommended] [download]

BIDSTON MOSS - "Count Past Three" CD
Melbourne 4 piece Bidston Moss offer this debut album, following on from 2 eps and numerous compilation appearances. Neat, effective guitars make way for Beth and Christine's vocals that blend so intoxicatingly bittersweet. The songs are chock full of personality, from the peppy deserve-to-be hits to the laid-back numbers bubbling with potential energy. MOSS2 $20 [download]

BIDSTON MOSS - "If You're So Special, Why Aren't You Dead?" CDEP
Terrific follow-up to their self-titled debut ep, it's another brilliant dose of highly contagious, slightly edgy Melbourne guitar-pop with the most wonderful flourishes. Yummy female vocals from Beth and Christine and a lot of rock attitude peeking out from under that sweet smile. MOSS1 $12 [download]

BRAVING THE SEABED - "Braving the Seabed" CD
It seems the world isn't as large as most people think it is. Music scenes converge and influence people and musicians alike from all aspects of life. Perth's Braving the Seabed, with influences ranging from Ida to C-Clamp, clearly define a sound all their own. Like a warm, slow-moving epic, full with violas, vibraphones and slide guitars underpinning what could have been some rather stark songs. There are many things happening at once on the record, but they're played with a wonderful calm and serenity. The arrangements may be deliberate, but it washes over you in an unhurried, ad hoc sort of way. Brilliantly lazy, sometimes with gentle, off-kilter rhythms and deeply lulling. BRAVE1 $20 [traffic sounds recommended]

BRUNA - "Pale Era" CD
The second effort from Melbourne's Bruna, this time with new drummer Gareth Edwards (Sandro). 12 fantastic songs of sparse, scratchy, downbeat guitar pop and lyrics infused with humour and a healthy cynicism. Also featuring Neil Thomason from Ricaine on the lap steel and Kirsty Stegwazi on cello. This is a great record, especially for those who enjoy their pop music with a little less saccharine and a lot more bite. BRUNA2 $15 [listen]

BRUNA - "Lumber" CD
Melbourne 3 piece Bruna offer a whopping 16 tracks for their debut release, and it's all good. Gentle pop stylings meet sombre musings and restrained emotions. BRUNA1 $15

THE CANNANES & STEWARD - "Communicating At An Unknown Rate" CD
Communicating at an Unknown Rate is a brilliant collaboration with Stewart Anderson (ex-Boyracer). Cannanes fans will find this new flavour a perfect fit, much like chocolate lovers discovering the wonder of mudcake with icecream (mmm..) A fine album of signature Cannanes greatness with tinges of Stewart's crashpop scent all over it. CANNANE6 $20

THE CANNANES - "Tiny Frown" CD
7 songs recorded in Olympia, Washington. CANNANE5 $20

THE CANNANES - "Arty Barbecue" CD
Arty Barbecue is a bit of an odds 'n' sods album, featuring 6 songs included on 7"s of a few years ago and 5 "new" ones recorded with the lineup of Stephen O'Neil, Frances Gibson, Gavin Butler & David Nichols. The tunes range from ultra-infectious, to the tenderly sad, covering a gamut that will make sense to Cannanes fans around the globe.CANNANE4 $20

THE CANNANES - "The Cannanes" CD
The 5th "proper" Cannanes album (and their 7th overall), simply titled and ready for your listening pleasure. 12 songs recorded between late 94 and early 96, typically diverse in range, and encompassing the Cannanes' realm of patentedly brilliant pop, mournful beauty, and their playful/oddball side. Packaged in a nice Fireproof Press sleeve too! CANNANE3 $20

THE CANNANES - "A Love Affair With Nature" CD
A lovely collection of strikingly stark, sketchy and ultimately beautiful songs that flow from moment to moment with a dead-true, random, real-life cadence. Love Affair marks the first outing after the depature of Randall Lee, leaving Fran, Stephen and David to create stripped-down magic with help from a few friends. In additional, it comes with loads of bonus tracks from previously released singles.CANNANE2 $20


THE CANNANES - "Short Poppy Syndrome" CD
The Cannanes' 4th album proper is as versatile as any they've produced, with each of the band members taking turns to shine, and in the end Short Poppy Syndrome turns out to be all the more solid for it. From lovely flat-out pop sung by Frances Gibson to David Nichols' wry piss-take to Stephen O'Neil's stark relationship-detonation tune to Gavin Butler's incendiary consciousness-stream in "Pearl," this shows the Cannanes in all their glory. CANNANE1 $20

CAT'S MIAOW - "The Long Goodbye" CD
5 new versions of their favorite tracks re-recorded, as part of the Darla Record's Bliss Out series, in a cinematic, ambient pop style. The lines between the Cat's Miaow and their other incarnation, Hydroplane, get even more blurred on this release with this new approach to their classic material. Their magnetic, lyrical, emotive mood-scapes become stronger. This Melbourne band are a distinct and unique marriage of today's sophisticated, international pop with yesteryear's indie pop, Dion Warwick, Yo La Tengo, Burt Bacharach, Spacemen 3 and The Velvet Underground. DRL084 $20

C-MINUS PROJECT - "Long Drive Home" CD
A prelude to their upcoming album, this is essentially a collection of lo-fi acoustic 4-track recordings that Sydney's Sam Schinazzi racked up in one day's worth of recordings. Staking his claim as a quality songwriter in the introspective pop vein, it's a mini album with beams of sunshine amidst all the brooding sentimentality. MINUS1 $12

EARTH TO NIGEL - "Run and Jump" CD
Sydney's Earth to Nigel have been promising big things ever since their auspicious debut over 2 years ago. Since then, they've spent the greater part of 2001 recording, re-recording, tweaking and re-tweaking an album that is sure to get you fired up with their infectious fuzzy pop, that places them somewhere between the ramones, the fastbacks and weezer. Chock full of power hits (all 22 of them!) Run and Jump is full of killer hooks, astute lyrics and driving rhythms that faithfully their thrilling live sound. Compact, textured, trashy and captivating all at once! ETN2 $15 [traffic sounds recommended] [listen]

EARTH TO NIGEL - "So You Wanna Be A Spy?" CD
Debut full length from this teen trio of brothers from Sydney features distorted guitar riffage planted in swirling pop frameworks with nods to The Saints and The Fastbacks. Power pop hasn't sounded this good in a long time. ETN1 $10

HELIGOLAND - "Heligoland" CDEP
Melbourne 4 piece Heligoland offer an exquisitely sounding debut ep that oozes sensual, hypnotic charm. 5 tracks of dream-like melodies that are strengthened by the grace of Karen Vogt's vocals, which splendid ezine describes as "an etheral, soaring tone." HELIGO1 $9

LACTO-OVO - "Shoes & You" CD
A debut release from this Melbourne 4piece, created from an eclectic 10 track selection of rhythms and structures that twist and turn as the band switch between male and female lead vocals to instrumentals. The tracks range from the rough fuzzed out, twisted sounds to smooth dark rumblings and songs soaked in garage/surf guitars. Definitely blows any threat of a predictable or mundane album out of the water. LACTO1 $16

THE TIGERS - "It Hath Been Falsely Supposed That All Tigers Be Female.." CDEP
6 track ep from the Perth 5 piece, as a forerunner to the recently released Christmas Album on Sensory Projects, that sees the band shape up with some remarkable tunes. Laconic and yet still urgent, its an excellent move forward from the band's previous efforts. Tongue in cheek packaging too! CUB004 $12

THE TIGERS - "And With That, the Audience Disappeared In A Flash" CDEP
These two incredibly long tracks from Perth's eccentric Tigers were also released on a 12" of the same name, and now come in a limited run cd package (and what lovely packaging it is too). Utilising the space and unhurried pace, these tracks expound on some of the awesome stuff this band has been producing since 1998 adding the ambient, experimental electronic noise that they've been getting into recently. A great follow up to the acclaimed album Space Coyote (now sold out) and an obvious step to the recently released Remixes album on Sensory Projects. CUB003 $12

THE TIGERS - "Death From Above" CDEP
First release from this well known Perth 5 piece. 6 tracks that combines their distinctive sounds of lounge pop, noise rock and traditional greek stylings to bring you an eclectic and wonderfully shambolic affair. CUB001 $12

TRINKETS - "The Old Museum" CD
The Brisbane-based Trinkets are a four piece melodic, ambient and instrumental outfit, whose debut live recording features some impressive violin, cello, guitar, bass and drum work. Time Off magazine described their sound as "reverent, transcendent music to soothe the soul" and I would add the words, poignant and visceral somewhere in that too. Fans of Dirty3 and Rachels would no doubt warm to this as well. TRINK1 $20

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