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Sadness is in the Sky #19 w/CD
Yet another quality, jam-packed issue of the zine with features, interviews and reviews of Low, Grand Salvo (with Paddy on the cover!), Pan American, Jeremy Dower, Do Make Say Think, Noonday Underground, Burd Early, Qua, Royksopp, Mum, Boards of Canada, Fennesz, Ativin and Nagisa Ni Te. But wait, there's more! Bonus cd comp 'A Little Winter Warmth' comes with 16 excellents songs from Swearing at Motorists, Qua, John Parish, Letraset, Radian, Mapstation, The Tigers, Windsor for the Derby and Letraset! Value for money and a great read. SADSKY19 $14

Sadness is in the Sky #18 w/CD
A mammoth issue that features a stack of interviews and reviews on Songs: Ohia, Mercury Rev, Le Tigre, Oren Ambarchi, Jim O'Rourke, Her Space Holiday, Hood, Seaworthy, Papa M, The Shins, Nightswimmer, Set Fire to Flames, Fat Cat Records, American Analog Sert, Ida and Pulse Programming. Phew! Plus, the bonus cd features tracks from The Album Leaf, To Roccoco Rot, Sun, Disaster Plan, American Analog Set, Pretty Boy Crossover, Kingsbury Manx, Boxstep and Tooth! Whopper issue, and as always a bargain find. SADSKY18 $14

Sadness is in the Sky #17 w/CD
The latest magazine features a cosmic bundle of interview and audiological treats and surprises. Interview-wise there's words from Manitoba, 310, Appendix Out's Ali Roberts, Appliance, Sydney's Ukiyo-e, Goldfrapp, Goodlooking records' Big Bud, Four Tet, Rob Ellis, Warp label madam Mira Calix, The New Year, a third interview with Low, Art of Fighting, idelandic noodlers Mum, Audio Active, england's super-sublime Hood, Adam Cole, Sodastream, Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat, and Joe Pernice. And while you read over these interviews, lock into the 5th compilation CD, We are Now Flying into the Outer Atmosphere featuring tracks by Four Tet, Do Make Say Think, Scanner, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Nightswimmer, Seaworthy, Adam Cole and Ukiyo-e. SADSKY17 $12

Sadness is in the Sky #16 w/CD
Issue numero sedici is yet another tight offering, with more words and other such ramblings from Stephen Malkmus, Perth's Adam Said Galore, Ma Cherie for Painting, Richard Buckner, Hood, Deloris, Third Eye Foundation, Scanner and Labradford, as well as reviews of Arab Strap, Knievel, Oren Ambarchi and the Purplene/Rebel Astronauts' split 7". And what better way to read the zine than with your cd player spinning tunes from the accompanying compilation, We are Now Flying into the Corners of the Night, with tracks from The Tigers, Movietone, Adam Said Galore, The New Year, Bergerac, Silver Ray, and Machine Translations. SADSKY16 $12

Sadness is in the Sky #15 w/CD
It's a who's who of you know who's this time around and includes interviews with: Critendic Canadians Do Make Say Think, Aix Em Klemm, Little General, part 2 of the Godspeed You Black Emperor! interview, Will Oldham, Wheat, gerling, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, San Diego's Black Heart Procession, Grandaddy, International Airport, domino artists Pram & Movietone, as well as Spring Heel Jack. A bonus 15 track CD compilation ('We Are Now Flying @ 33,000 Feet') connects arms with Issue #15, and it features an unspeakably fine line-up, including: Knife In The Water, Console, The Sea & Cake, david grubbs, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, the for carnation, ECHOBOY, International Airport, Gersey, Fontanelle, Minimum Chips, Wheat, live Grandaddy, International Karate and Sodastream. SADSKY15 $12

Sadness is in the Sky #13
Issue 13 features interviews with Pan.American, The Kingsbury Manx, Angler, Sandro, Ken Stringfellow, Guided By Voices, Daddylonglegs, and Mick Turner, and, sold ONLY with Issue #13, 'We are now flying at 20,000 feet', with 16 tracks by Doldrums (exclusive track), Little General (exclusive), The Tigers, Solex, Grandaddy (live-exclusive), Alan Lambert, Jessica Bailiff (with Alan Sparhawk from Low), Disaster Plan, The Kingsbury Manx, Hungry Ghosts, PSX, The Subliminals, The Frustrations, Sandro (exclusive) and the Hospital People (Alan & Zak from Low - exclusive). SADSKY13 $12


Fortune Cookie Expresso #1
Hip new zine from Sydney in the traditional cut n paste format combining music talk with cute short stories, film reviews and other rants and raves. Notable interviewees in this issue include Steward, Soap Star Joe, Beulah and the Delgados, as well as a cool section for people to post their mix tape selections, and a funny piece about stalking Smudge's Tom Morgan. Very reasonably priced fun. FCE3 $4


Bee's Knees Issue #12 w/CD
This compilation cd marks the fourth birthday of the Bee's Knees zine and the first release from Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. Available with issue #12 of the wonderful zine, the cd features excellent rare and exclusive tracks from some of the finest proprietors of psych pop and then some including Elf Power, Kingsauce, Masters of the Hemisphere, the Minders, Of Montreal, Great Lakes, Kiss Offs and Marshmallow Coast. The zine is a great read with interviews with Kingsauce, Olivia Tremor Control, Of Montreal, Dressy Bessy and a stack of reviews. Great value! HHBTM001 $18 [traffic sounds recommended]

Bee's Knees Issue #15
Another great issue from Bee's Knees, jammed packed with reviews of Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, 764-Hero, Tracey Read, Marshmallow Coast and Death Cab for Cutie to name but a few bands. Also features interviews with Will Cullen Hart (OTC), Miles Kurosky (Beulah), Julian Koster (Neutral Milk Hotel, Music Tapes) and a write up of the Kindercore Expo. BEES015 $8


The Laughing World Issue #3 w/CD
Lovely full sized zine from Brisbane offering interviews with Mogwai, Preston School of Industry, Salteens, Bis and local Brissy bands Sekiden, Cunningham & Genshen. Comes with a fantastic compilation, Laugh at the World, that offers a nice range of synth pop (Freezepop, Crooner, Cartwheel), post-rock (Squipplepippy, Seaplane) and a whole lot of good local bands (Twelve24, Canvas, Screamfeeder). TLW3 $8


Patty Duke Fanzine Issue #3 w/7"
A whole zine dedicated to former teen sensation, Patty Duke, which reprints vintage articles from all stages of her career and life. Well researched! Better yet is the awesome double 7" that comes with it! It contains 6 wonderful songs by rockin' girl groups the Chubbies, the Hissyfits, Gore Gore Girls, the Beautys, Slumber Party, Tourister, and Melbourne's own Bidston Moss performing their best Patty covers. PDFZ3 $15


Rock 'n' Roll High School
As AMG notes, its the cult film that was deliberately made to be a cult film. A classic from 1978, this is the showcase for the legendary Ramones, which surprisingly though actually offers up a funny and interesting script and solid acting, making for a film that moves relatively quick in its 94 minutes. A notch up from the cheesier Grease musicals, this follows the tale of Riff Randell, resident party girl and Ramones fan at Vince Lombardi High as she locks head with the new principal Ms Togar, who bans rock music from the school. Even if you don't like the Ramones, the film is still immensely enjoyable and engaging. Never a dull moment! RNRHS1 $20 [traffic sounds recommended]

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